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6 Jan 2018 #1
Hi everyone,

I purchased a Play pl formula 4w1 with a 2GB data limit. I started using it as a personal hotspot in order to get Internet on my laptop, while looking for an Internet provider, and according to my system app for limiting data usage, I almost reach the limit. However, when dialing a USSD code to check my MB balance (* 108 #), it says I have 3679.35 MB left, which doesn't make sense considering it gives me always the same amount.

I would like to ask ...

1º Is there any way to top up my mobile with additional GB?
2º What would happen once I reach that limit?

I use mobile data occasionally, so I never worried about the 2GB limit, but this time it's different.

Thanks in advance.
kaprys 3 | 2,242
6 Jan 2018 #2
You can probably top it up online. Or on the phone. I don't know if they have English speaking consultants though.
Or just visit one of their shops.

What will happen when you reach the limit? It depends on your contract, I guess. Either you won't be able to go online or you will but they'll raise your next bill to cover for extra GB.
cms 9 | 1,254
6 Jan 2018 #3
You can get data top ups also in Zabka, Kolporter, Carrefour etc. Not today though - everything is shut

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