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Have any of you ever been to any of the Pijalnia bars in Warsaw

14 Oct 2018 #1
I used to go to these places for a while and at first I thought they were just interesting dives with a mix of local people of various classes and places they live. However, lately I have been seeing incredible trash at the one at Pawilony. Like super low life prison type ex cons just got out from praga who act like pure animals. basically blacks in ghetto of U.S.

One guy showed me a knife there like three days ago because I did not back down to him and his fat bytch when they kept trying to shove me out of the way from my stool or area I stood at drinking a beer. I told him nicely if he can quit shoving me and he replied some trash talk back then I said lets go outside then an he said some more trash then I said it again lets go outside and he pulled a knife from the side showing me he had one. I knew there was a bouncer there and I do not want to be pepper sprayed or arrested for attacking him (although in Poland apparently you cant press charges on someone and its hard to be arrested or do any serious time for violence but depsite this knowledge I have seen people in cap cars in front of pavilony before and I did not see evidence of weapons used so I do not know what kind of weird laws they have here maybe disturbance of a local is worse than assault or something or maybe it depends who calls or if its a bar vs a private person) and he was just pure trash. He had these shoes that were too big for him and said something about his friend shaving less patience then him like he is trying to say I am the bad guy and he has patience when he was the one talking crap and shoving me. These people are just pure animals who take no responsibility for their actions. And get this the Pijalnia at Parkingowa has bouncers that beat and epppers pray people in groups including women.

Ive seen those bouncers including this one who looks like a tall wrestler with short hair drag a woman by hair and I went outside and saw her pepepr sprayed and two other people. One guy kept trying to get up and was being shoved by him and when I went to get them water they threatened me and at frist did not let me get my jacket back from inside but once I got it I just went straight ahead and left and later realized who knows what else they may have done to those people. It was like three bouncers and the way it actually started for me seeing it was I was in restroom and they keopt throwing water over one of the stalls at people and knocking on door. I thought it was weird but left. Then I saw her being dragged and went to side to see what was going on a couple seconds later when I saw the rest.
jon357 72 | 21,387
14 Oct 2018 #2
Pijalnia bars in Warsaw

Called by people who live nearby 'mordownia'.

Re. the one on Nowy Swiat people are as likely to be attacked by one of the staff or by one of the many drunk 19 year olds that go there to fight as have a pleasant evening.

Oddly enough the police like it because it concentrates the trash in one place.
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,070
14 Oct 2018 #3
I like it, too, because they are not here.
Memo to the US Embassy in Warsaw: Please, stop issuing all visas. We have enough of our domestic garbage to stay busy.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,331
14 Oct 2018 #4
Re. the one on Nowy Swiat people are as likely to be attacked by one of the staff or by one of the many drunk 19 year olds

I had a pleasant beer there last year with a member of PF, though it was 2pm and the place was empty.

Oh, and I randomly went in to demolish some shots at 2am in summer, but that was on the way back to the hotel after a riverside party with a friend. Speaking of parties on the river, I was quite surprised how calm everyone was despite the vast amount of boozing going on.
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,070
14 Oct 2018 #5
I saw that, too. Best guess: it's the presence of women and kids. At least while I was there in September 2017.
cms neuf 1 | 1,854
15 Oct 2018 #6
I quite often make a pitstop at the one on Nowy Swiat - its lively and half the people are foreigners but i never saw any fights there. At least everyone is drinking angmd having a good time, not just staring at their phones
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,070
15 Oct 2018 #7
How does alcohol make anyone smarter and happier? My stats are that it is just the opposite and that alcohol is worse than all the other drugs combined in destroying everything in its path.
cms neuf 1 | 1,854
15 Oct 2018 #8
A few ways - they talk to people which increases happiness, they put other problems into perspective, it calms people down in small doses, it is a place to meet dates which leads maybe to sex which makes people happier, it makes people sing and dance, it makes people meet new folk and have different conversations which can make them smarter.

I know that is different from the Russian experience of drinking blinding industrial spirit on a bench at the tram stop so maybe if you ever come to Poland you can try it our way.
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,070
15 Oct 2018 #9
And none of that is possible without pouring a poison into your body and turning giggly stupid. I got it.
mafketis 35 | 10,718
15 Oct 2018 #10
Like many things, alcohol is fine in moderation and terrible when abused.

Again, there is a very big difference between guzzling down spiritus (or straining denaturat through old bread) and moderate social use. A fine Italian or French meal is structured so that a good quality wine complements the food. The wine makes the food taste better and the food makes the wine taste better. Beer can work in a similar way (with different foods of course).

Completely being afraid of drinking any alcohol because some people abuse it is like people who think that social dancing between unmarried people is bad because it can lead to sex.
cms neuf 1 | 1,854
15 Oct 2018 #11
If you go to Pijalnia or any other bar in Poland then there are plenty of soft drinks available and little peer pressure to drink alcohol these days. It's a free country - unlike Russia of course
jon357 72 | 21,387
15 Oct 2018 #12
If you go to Pijalnia

There are, however people don't tend to go to that particular dump for soft drinks.
jon357 72 | 21,387
15 Oct 2018 #14
Me too in Warsaw (for coffee rather than the t-word), though definitely not at Pijalnia. There is however quite a nice all-night bar just round the corner. Very little trouble, none of the hick crowd, though it's one of those places where you feel drunk as soon as you enter.

That area round Chinatown has gone down a lot since those bars became popular. Pijania is probably the worst of them.
cms neuf 1 | 1,854
15 Oct 2018 #15
I never go any further up that street - i hate getting hassled by the strip club touts and if you have a tie on you are a magnet for beggars and alkies.
jon357 72 | 21,387
15 Oct 2018 #16
i hate getting hassled by the strip club touts a

So many of them now.

f you have a tie on you are a magnet for beggars and alkies.

Even without, you get it a lot in that part of the city centre. It's been like that for years now.

My favourite watering hole (for 20 years) is close to the bottom of the street. Away from the unfortunate women twirling their umbrellas but still in peak beggar zone iwhen the tables are out in summer.

Chinatown behind is a bit of a zoo; a lot of drunken students.
18 Oct 2018 #17
Ok, I walked by the one at Parkowa and the same wrestling looking neantherthal looking bouncer was there, but guess what? he was walking around with casting on his wrist and gave me a look of a challenge. So now I will have to make a move. He obviously did not like the fact me helping innocent people and inquiring why he was bullying them after they were already pepper sprayed and either stared me down because or that or is giving me a sign of a challenge. I think you guys know hwo this is writing, I have done my share of wars and a prison term so I dontthink he realizes this. Despite the fact it was in Umerikkka. I walked by and was eating a kebab and i just checked out the place feom th front as I did not see any bouncers but did not really feel like going in. I stood outside and on the side I looked as he walked by and either he was the only one on the job or hewa sjust there taking care of business or doing some drug drals on the side or something. Well the thing is when Ihelped the people who were pepper sprayed and who. he kept shoving after they tried to get up (who knows what happened next as I got scared as I had no weapons on me and was outnumbered by him and the othe rbouncers there and bolted wuickly after getting my jacket but not before exchsnging a slight physical tussle with him right after he shvoed a guy pepper sprayed to the ground who simply got up).So as I look sideways he looked at me and just kept starring with no emotion on him. i thiguht for sure he is coming st me as I was eating the kebab. But zi turned then turned again he turned and turned baxk also and we met eyes and I just nodded to him like I dont know why like a reaction then he left and I assumed he was going for friends or doing some drug deal and elft too but I felt kind of lame later like I should have jsut charged him. I felt a bit distespected. I might come back and plan this I have my own pepper sprysa t home anyway and if Ic atch him alone, I jsut gotta know the people in the diskopolo bar across wont run in to help him.

Basically I know this guy is not that tough because when zi grabbed his wrists and he got out it really wasnt rigtht away I did not fele much strength from him despite his size and enantherthal looks.
cms neuf 1 | 1,854
18 Oct 2018 #18
Look after yourself - there is nothing good gonna come from interfering in other people drunk fights
25 Dec 2018 #19
the best place for cheap beers is this student bar near nowy świat but closer to old town and above a street goint from nad wisla. it is like 6 zl for large pint of tyskie beers.

have any of you been to cafe rock and roll or some bar named something like that near plac zbawiciela? it is a typical american biker bar or dive bar type setting with even route 66 signs and. mix of neo nazis, bikers, long haired rockers or metaloica fans and strippers that hang oit there. i actually met an ukrainian who thought hitler is a wonderful guy in there and saw a live strip show one friday night (same as I met that guy) and he was apwatching it and enjoying while claiming he didnt like it because it is against marriage and hitler would he against it lol.

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