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What Polish people think about the Italian and Spanish men?

10 Mar 2009 #31
I am married to an Italian man and they are very domineering and bossy. I would never do it again and would like a polish man.
Mr Grunwald 31 | 2,103
10 Mar 2009 #32
I mean the good looking men with mediterranean looks.They are popular indeed.Even nordics etc admit it.

Admit it? It's a god damn fact! Why else should our ladies go there just to have sex? Their looked upon as whores! MY GOD SAVE US! We need more Poles/catholics/people with a strong faith! Norway&Northern Europe has looooost it!
Marian Lach - | 2
20 Apr 2010 #33
They are very friendly people.As a pole i like them :)
jeden - | 226
20 Apr 2010 #34
Italian men -they look like pedos, sometimes agresive, use knife to solve problems ( but probably only in south Italia) Generally optimistic, friendly people they look very old. ( in comparison with Poles)

Italian women rather cold , they don`t look in eys ( French girls also), but they like my blue eys and blond hair ;) . Cute

French - French girls are most beautiful in the World !;)

Spanish they don`t manage with pick up . ( I have seen Spanish boy who was running through the club shouting espana espana)

This is my opinion . I could be wrong ;)

EDIT: Polish girls generally love Spaniards and Italian men.
king polkacanon - | 57
20 Apr 2010 #35
Mediteranean men have a bad reputation among polish girls mainly for their machismo,mama adoration and tendency to cheat and flee away.Polki feel played out when they experience mediteranean men.Polish women who live in Greece dislike greek men in general mainly for being mama boys and wanting to be the boss.They also dislike our local women.

But I as a Balkan and slavophile with mediteranean appearance have clear advantage in Poland because I stay away from common Greek men methods who really don't have a clue and usually mess up.

In this regard my experience with Czech and especially ukr women has helped a lot because Polki are very close to ukr women mindset.
Miguel Colombia - | 351
21 Apr 2010 #36
I think Italians and Spaniards are generally liked in other European countries.

Who the hell is this King guy. Is he like, 12?
skysoulmate 14 | 1,296
21 Apr 2010 #37
MarciQM - so you're an Italian exchange student in the UK?

Please don't take it the wrong way but is it possible that your fairly "basic" English skills might be a turn-off to those girls? After all, they probably want to pick up as much "proper English" as possible while there.

I'm not trying to pick on you, this is just my own speculation based on what I heard from our neighbor's daughter. She went to France to study French and said she'd avoid all Americans, Brits, Germans, etc. and instead tried to spend as much time as possible with the "natives."

Maybe she had other reasons too, what do I know ;)

However, that's the story she gave us.
Sebastian 6 | 108
5 May 2012 #38
I'm a guy obviously lol, but I'll comment on Italian and Spanish women. They are very friendly, warm and open people. They can be more emotional and hot tempered than other women at times, but they are good people. Plus, they look good too, good in the sack as well =D

and lol at the people calling Spanish and Italian people mama's boys. Yea some of them are, but Polish men are no different to be honest. Its not uncommon in Poland to have three generations living in one small apartment. and there are a ton of 30 something year olds living with mom and dad.

Italian women rather cold , they don`t look in eys ( French girls also), but they like my blue eys and blond hair ;) . Cute

Really? Because I think its the other way around. It's Polish women who are more cold, reserved and to themselves. I found Italian women to be very lively and passionate when they speak.
jusia9 - | 36
10 May 2012 #39

Im a Polish woman so maybe I will give you an advice :)

Most of Southern European/Mediterranean guys are not really in Polish type :), I travel through Spain a bit and most of men are in my height , which I dont find very attractive.

Most of girls like tall guys, well-built with very hard faces ... for us most of Spanish, Italian guys look a little bit gay ... I dont say all I dont want to offend someone and I dont want to generalize.. but I think you are just not in our type.

Once I met a Polish girl she speaks fluently Spanish and study in Grenada - she is beautiful blue eyed blond girl very attractive to Spanish guys. Of course they love her in Spain, but when I asked her which guys from Europe she finds most attractive she says Polish and Germans !!!!

I think you are just not in her type ..;. maybe with your appearance maybe with behaviour.

Also you should read what Danish scientists discover by studied behaviour of behaviour of blue eyed people..

They the reason why blue eyed people still exist is because more often blue eyed girls ( more often not always) choose as a father of her children blue eyed men. And interesting thing is that for blue eyed men it doesnt matter if the girl is blue eyed or brown eyed. This is the girl thing only !!!

thats why in Poland we have one of the biggest amount of blue eyed people in whole world.

Im blue eyed dark brown girl and I always found out more attractive men with blue eyed ( hair doesnt matter) than the brown eyed. And the nationality doesnt matter for me !!

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