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Why do people think that I'm Polish ?

Wulkan - | 3,243
19 Aug 2013 #91
I can see for example that some people on this forum are Polish. I see this because of their dodgy English, that looks like it comes from google translate.

After reading that I was just thinking about asking you for the names because I simply haven't notice anyone like this, and then you say that you won't back it up because imo you simple can't

However, I won't say any names

19 Aug 2013 #92
Being Pole doesn't mean being Slav or 100% Slav. Probably not more then a half of Poles are pure Slavs. In south Poland in the mountains we had a very big Vlach immigration and settlement supported by kings in the Middleage. We had also Tartarian/Mongol and Hungarian settlements. Nobody is surprised by that Cypis-like wiev in Poland. See Edyta Górniak - it happens she is true Roma. But you can see also Kasia Smutniak one of the most beatiful Polish actress working in Italy. Despite she is very Polish Italians believe that she is Romanian, Italian or even Roma. From the other side we had many waves of German, Dutch and Scotch immigrants mostly in the cities.

All they become Poles over time.

Home / Life / Why do people think that I'm Polish ?
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