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Why do people think that I'm Polish ?

20 Sep 2006 #1
i don't look polish at all ...... this morning someone told me are you polish???? ...... ...... are there any manners or common things polish people say that u can realize that that person is polish?????????
20 Sep 2006 #2
you're going to have to elaborate...........some Polish people have a certain look, or a Polish face that is easy for another Polish person to recognize.........two people can look totally different but still have this Polish look............I dunno, maybe you have some of these features in your face.............anyways do you live in a Polish neighbourhood or something............
20 Sep 2006 #3
maybe you didn't take shower in the morning - that's why..?
21 Sep 2006 #4
I think your opinion would be more suitable about an English person. Well, I guess it can also apply to any nation for that matter. Hygiene is more a personal feature rather than a feature that characterises a particular nation. Although I do realize one could argue about it.
iwona 12 | 542
21 Sep 2006 #5
For me I am Polish but few people told me in England that i don't look foreign.

I mean before i open my mouth and start speaking.... accent is accent.
Matyjasz 2 | 1,543
21 Sep 2006 #6
maybe you didn't take shower in the morning - that's why..?

Touché, you cheeky little monkey, you!!! :)

PS: Speaking of hygiene, I noticed that a lot of English builders were lacking the habit of washing their hands after doing a poopoo or a lulu...And I'm not talking here only about the laborers, but also supervisors. For me it was unthinkable. :)

I don't know how does the situation look with other English blokes, but remember kidos, think twice before you shake English builders hand. :)
21 Sep 2006 #7
I'll remember that for future reference......but it's not only builders I have seen women do it in toilets in bars....eeeewwwwwwww
21 Sep 2006 #8
To be honest many people lack personal hygiene, the worst case i have expereinces is from African's which seem to go out of there way to smell - cleaning of the hands is disgusting but not using deodrant of some form is even worse.

There is no excuse for it i mean how much does it cost to buy deodrant - or even wash your armpits? x
21 Sep 2006 #9
go sarah lol x:)x
21 Sep 2006 #10
Heee hee tammy x
22 Sep 2006 #11
Lol - if you thought you had problems, people think I look Australian, New zealand, South African, Greek, Italian!!!! I used to work in a bar and I often had a lot of people come up to me ask where I was from. Once I told them I was from 'just around the corner' and was actually born in England they would be very surprised!!!! I think I resemble different facial features that may give me a foriegn look plus people do sometimes think that I have a slight twang in my speach that may make me sound like an Australian, South African etc... So what the bloody hell am I then? I think I better start asking my mum questions...about a certain milkman maybe hmmmmm!!!!
22 Sep 2006 #12
Awww monkeyboy i am sure your very good looking with it x
22 Sep 2006 #13
Well, actually this is how i look!!!

22 Sep 2006 #14
Cutey cheeky monkey a little on the hairy side for me though hee hee x
22 Sep 2006 #15
lol. Sarah you come on here much? I've just started using this forum because I'm learning Polish (obviously) since I've met a cute polish girl! This forum is pretty good I like it!
22 Sep 2006 #16
I started coming on here around a month ago - at first no one really spoke to me and ignored my comments but they soon except you everyone is ever so friendly on here and are great help with translations and basically anything you need tono about poland - many are either polish or learning polish on here hun x
22 Sep 2006 #17
Yeah cool. The first time I came to this place was when I needed to translate some Polish. But when I started reading all the different discussions I thought it was pretty cool. Just reading everyone else's translations helps you with your polish, or even english for the poles I guess. I noticed that the people are arlight here cos the first time I asked for something to be translated they helped me out straight away so that was cool. Hopefully I'll be able to do the same once I've improved on my Polish. Anyway I'll shut now, I'm using up all the space lol.
22 Sep 2006 #18
Hee Hee everyone on here is fab i mean Krysia is everyones fav then there is bolowolfieshelleyarienMatyjasz these are just some of the main ones whcih will help you out if needed be.

I make entrys on all the posts that interest me and i find it really interesting so good luck learnin you polish hope to hear from you in the fucture x
22 Sep 2006 #19
dziekuje!!! I'll be around now and again. I quit my job about 3 weeks ago and in around 2 weeks time I'll be travelling around the world :) :) :) Hopefully I'll find some internet cafes so I can check out these forums. I still wanna learn polish even though I'll be on the other side of the world!!
22 Sep 2006 #20
Well my email address is added to my member name mail me and let me know how things are working out if you like that is - just being friendly!!

Yeah once you wanna learn something you pretty much put your mind to it dont you x
22 Sep 2006 #21
Yeah nice one!!!! I've got MSM so I'll add you on. The bigger the crowd the better!!! I've noticed a lot of people put their personal love letters on here too!!! O.K cheers :)
22 Sep 2006 #22
Yeah no one care's as in everyone is open and no one judges you do get a few sad twats which come on here moaning about the polish - but thats all!

I sorted a few of my men troubles on here and got a few texts translated too x:) x
22 Sep 2006 #23
lol nice one. Thats good! czy mowi pani po poslku dobrze?? I hope I got that right! Probelm is I can't get the special characters for the pronounciation like o in mowi which is ment to have a small dash thing above it
22 Sep 2006 #24
I have no idea about polish so you can talk like that with me all day long and i will not have a clue if it was right or wrong heee hee x
22 Sep 2006 #25
ha ha...ok so the answer to that one was no then. I just asked you if you speak polish well. no worries:)
22 Sep 2006 #26
NO hee hee :)
FISZ 24 | 2,116
22 Sep 2006 #27
I can't get the special characters for the pronounciation like o in mowi

It's like saying Movie Mó=Moo

hee hee
22 Sep 2006 #28
Did I get the spelling right though FISZ????
FISZ 24 | 2,116
22 Sep 2006 #29
Yes...except for the typo in polsku :)
22 Sep 2006 #30
typo??? eh! sorry I'm a little slow. czy pan jest polakium (polish - can't spell it help!!!)

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