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Polish people are beautiful and great

5 Nov 2014 #1
hello all polish! i love you all polish because you people rock. Your unseen God bleesed you with many gifts.

1- polish people are the best in hospitality. we can their hospitality on football matches when they beat their guests. such nerds

2- if there were no polish jokes then who brings laughter on our faces. thanks to you people.

3- you people are the luckiest in the world because in INDIA our parents first marry themselves and then give us birth but
you people just rock because you dont need any marriage you can **** any girl you want and can throw her out in your life any time you want. we

cannot replace our parents but with God blessness you can replace your parents. when our parents told us that we got married then we dont believe

them because we dont attend their marriage but polish child first attend his parents marrige then he has profe that their
parents got married and he also got the chance to party of his parents marriage. in INDIA we our parents dicide our bride but polish can choose their sluts. polish

are god blessed people.

4- polish respect every culture. thats why their are extrmesits.but not their fault. their fathers were russians so they are extremists

5- polish should be polished from the world because they were made by mistake

5- if they dont have sluts who is going to POOPLAND
Levi_BR 6 | 219
5 Nov 2014 #2
Why no admin banned this pakistani yet?

It is not the first time that he tries to troll here.

He says that Poles are extremists (???) but he forget the honour killings, stoning of infidels, beheadings by Taliban and all the other things that happen at his country.

I am not pole but i ever felt extremelly welcome in Poland. Maybe since you probably some ugly weirdo, you had been dumped by all poles and now discharge your frustrations here.

(And this kind of idiot having access to internet is the downside of the digital inclusion of some countries...)

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