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Pakistani Muslim studying at the Medical University of Lodz (racism, safety, etc) HELP

31 Oct 2015 #1
Hi - New to this form

I am a Pakistani muslim lad with a beard in the early twenties looking to study at the medical university of lodz, I am looking for a bit of help as there has been racial tension in europe regarding muslims/immigrants as recently there was a anti immigrant/muslim demo in lodz. I am not trying to paint everyone with the same brush or trying to offend anyone at all as there is good and bad everywhere.. I am primarily concerned about my safety and well being. Is there anyplace I should avoid going or stay away from? Are they're any other Pakistanis around lodz? should I be worried as i am going to be staying alone?, I have found some accommodation within 10-15 minute walk from the university. How are people around lodz with muslims with beards etc. Are they any do's and dont's? I don't carry a lot of cash with, how much would a student averagely need a day? I also have some designer wear clothing should i avoid wearing them and just try to blend? I always mind my own business and keep my self to my self and will be continuing to do so but safety is key for everyone hence my questions..

Also about living in lodz city centre area is there anywhere I could by halal meat such as Chicken, lamb, Mince beef? Are there any restaurants that are halal near by? Are they're any large supermarkets as we are accustomed to the likes of ASDA and TESCO? Is fruit and veg available all year round or is it seasoned? How are the prices like? Finally in the uk the weather is always changing, how is it like in Lodz?, is quite cold and wet all the time or sunny most days, should I pack a heavy jacket?

I would like to apologies if I have offended anyone, I am just curious as anyone would be moving over alone with no friends or family to a new place is little bit intimidating. Some questions maybe funny or outrageous to some but these are all genuine

Thanks in advance
31 Oct 2015 #2
"Are they any do's and dont's?"

Lodz is a poor city but the people there is not violent. I lived there and it was ok.

Just stay low profile, respect the elders and the woman and it will be ok.

Stay far away of hooligans (specially of those from LKS) since they are the most dangerous people.
Roger5 1 | 1,455
31 Oct 2015 #3
Try zabiha

Are the beard and designer clothes really necessary? Blend in. When I lived in south-eastern Anatolia I grew a moustache, which I hated, but I got fewer stares because of it.
31 Oct 2015 #4
"Are the beard and designer clothes really necessary? Blend in."


I didnt saw the part where you said that you use beard and islamic clothes.

Definitely you will have undesired attention if you use a Thobe or Guthra in Poland. Use normal clothes if you want to avoid this.

(The same would happen if a polish girl walk around peshawar using skirts).
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,849
31 Oct 2015 #5
maybe shave off your beard and wear non - 'designer' clothes, you know adapt like a westerner would if they were going to live in the Middle East.

For example a woman might put on a head scarf or a man or woman make sure their shoulders are covered and so on.
It is just a question of being polite and not making your own life more difficult than it has to be really isnt it?
OP Guest
31 Oct 2015 #6
Thanks guys, the beard cant be shaved off its a part of me,
Part of who I am the clothes they can go. Will try to blend :) cheers
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,849
31 Oct 2015 #7
oh right in that case I will visit Pakistan and leave my head uncovered and when anyone complains I will say 'oh but my hair is part of me'.
Billy9999 - | 34
31 Oct 2015 #8
If you are in another country you should respect their culture. And that means not provoking its citizens by flaunting your beliefs (which are not their beliefs) at them.
OP Guest
1 Nov 2015 #9
You can come to pakistan and leave your head uncovered intact most people there do leave there heads uncovered?! I do respect other peoples culture but by dressing different or having a different religion or facial hair or even skin colour is not to provoke envy or admiration or to show defiance. Its not something I am especially going out my way or to do
InPolska 11 | 1,821
1 Nov 2015 #10
My goodness! Another troll to fuel racism and xenophobia! Very unlikely that Pakistanis, who in general do speak English (at least those studying), would travel all the way from home to study in .... Poland, a non tolerant and antimuslim country and whose diplomas have no more value than from anywhere else, with obviously no Pakistani community (people tend to move where they can find significant numbers of their fellow citizens).

Well, I don't feed trolls...
delphiandomine 88 | 18,455
1 Nov 2015 #11
I didnt saw the part where you said that you use beard and islamic clothes.

He isn't talking about islamic clothes, he's talking about designer clothes. That means he's wearing expensive clothes (which is normal in the Pakistani community among young British Pakistanis). I don't think he'll stand out at all in this case, except that he'll look better dressed than the average Polish brute.
1 Nov 2015 #12
Wear what you think is the best for you, don't mind ... just mind about the spots you'll hit with the other students, especially clubs if you're interested into them just stick to the best clubs that generally have no issues with racism/hooligans/dresiarze ... students environments in PL generally are safe for anyone.

Halal meat I guess is pretty hard to find and is imported, I doubt they slaughter the animals in that way in Poland, I think the halal meat in PL is imported from Germany ... there were issues years ago with halal and kosher being banned, but from 2014 I'm pretty sure halal is allowed in PL.

Wanna cope in Lodz? Just wear a tracksuit, white socks pulled till the knees, and a funny bag across the chest.
InPolska 11 | 1,821
1 Nov 2015 #13
Why in the world would anyone from Pakistan come to Poland to study???? Would he not be better off in UK where there is such a large Pakistani community? This beats me....or such OP's are just trolls....
Billy9999 - | 34
1 Nov 2015 #14
"Would he not be better off in UK"

Please.... No
1 Nov 2015 #15
Well said Billy.

He's clearly making absolutely no effort to fit in either... If he was, the beard would be no more.
Mohammed Aleem
3 Mar 2017 #16
Where can i find a mosque or place where i can pray in lodz ?.
i stay near Galeria Łódzka.
3 Mar 2017 #17
I would dress and have haircuts just like polish people do.

Otherways try any other country in Asia, see how it goes for you

I went to Pakistan and asked for a Christian church.

They laughed to my face and beat me up.
jon357 69 | 18,457
3 Mar 2017 #18
Where can i find a mosque or place where i can pray in lodz ?.

Thee isn't a mosque, however there's a prayer room at the students' dorm on ul. Matejki.

I went to Pakistan and asked for a Christian church.

There are 2 archdioceses, 4 dioceses, and one Apostolic Vicariate in Pakistan, and no lack of Protestant churches.
3 Mar 2017 #19
I went to Pakistan and asked for a Christian church.

Perhaps you should have asked at one of the hundreds of schools there run by the RCC.
spiritus 69 | 666
3 Mar 2017 #20

Correct. There are hundreds of Christian churches in Pakistan where you can pray for your spiritual life but have to risk your physical life in order to do so.
jon357 69 | 18,457
3 Mar 2017 #21
where you can pra

And hundreds more where people just go on Sunday without hassle.
spiritus 69 | 666
3 Mar 2017 #22

You are statistically more at risk attending a Christian church in Pakistan than attending a mosque in the UK and that's only the physical attendance at a place of worship.

It is a known fact that Christians are persecuted in many muslim countries.
mafketis 29 | 10,322
4 Mar 2017 #23
You expect him to care? What kind of xenophilic virtue does that signal?

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