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any online newspaper for Lodz?

Sammyro 4 | 9
3 Sep 2012 #1

Can anyone suggest me any online newspaper/digest pretaining to local events in Lodz?

johnwiddop - | 2
3 Sep 2012 #2

I'm English, but I use the Gazeta page for Lodz in Polish:

If you google 'Lodz' and "Gazeta' and then go to 'Co jest Granie', you have some information about current events.

There might be better sites than this, but I'm learning Polish at the moment so it's quite useful for me, and there generally seems to be more happening in Lodz than in Rybnik!

OP Sammyro 4 | 9
4 Sep 2012 #3
Thanks for the tip John
lodz4expats - | 1
19 Sep 2012 #4

Check out lodz4expats on facebook.

We are placing there information about the events and what is happening in Lodz. We are just starting so we will see how the page will shape but the idea is to share & connect.

Pylox - | 1
21 Nov 2012 #5
Hi! have you tried ? They are rather new, but I think that in Lodz it's the only full English-language magazine around. Some time ago they were looking for bloggers or people that would help, but the announcement disappeared some time ago...
JollyRomek 7 | 481
6 Nov 2014 #6

the Lodz Post is relatively new (ca 1 month old) but it is constantly improving. It is a mix of Lodz news, Polish news, Lifestyle, Travel and Sports. At the moment there are about 2 -3 new articles a day, but it will change to an up to date newspaper / online magazine.

lodz post

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