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Mushroom hunting close to Warsaw

4 May 2014 #1

from a little googling around I can see that it is very common to go hunting for mushrooms in the forests here in Poland. I am currently living in Warsaw until the end of June, and I was wondering if anybody can tell me, if it is possible to find mushrooms in May somewhere near (maximum 1,5 hour or so away from Warsaw)? Will it be more or less impossible because of the season, or?

Thanks! :)
Astoria - | 153
4 May 2014 #2
Don't know about mushroom places around Warsaw, but May and June are usually bad months for shrooming in Poland. The first spring mushrooms, morels, appear in the second half of April and are gone by May. (It's illegal to collect morels in Poland.) The first summer mushrooms, chanterelles, appear around July 1. Sometimes at this time you can also find boletus edulis, if the climatic conditions are right.
Dont gag me yo 7 | 156
5 May 2014 #3
maximum 1,5 hour

I forgot the name of the place I went to its near sidelce/biala podlaska area and is famous for horse breeding and by the border of terespol is known to be best area for mushroom picking and is almost less then 11/2 hr from warsaw with new road..but usually mushrooms are good at end of fall ...I almost every year do it regularly if im in Poland.
8 May 2014 #4
famous for horse breeding

Janów Podlaski, Lublin Province.

best area for mushroom

Maybe. Mushrooms are everywhere in their season. Chanterelles (kurki) next up.
8 May 2014 #5
Janów Podlaski, Lublin Province.

You'd be doing very very well to get anywhere near Janów Podlaski from Warsaw in an hour and a half!
Dont gag me yo 7 | 156
8 May 2014 #6
(maximum 1,5 hour or so away from Warsaw

Janów Podlaski from Warsaw in an hour and a half!

Ops question....
8 May 2014 #7
Yes, I saw what his question was, that is why I said that he is vastly unlikely to get to Janow Podlaski from Warsaw in 90 minutes: it isn't an hour and a half away, it's a good two and a half hours away and thus doesn't meet the criteria he set when asking for "somewhere near (maximum 1,5 hour or so away from Warsaw)".

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