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Multiracial Poles

14 Apr 2017 #151
I see no point in telling people what to do with their lives, and I have no problem with any multiracial couples. I do however, feel, I should stick with Slavic backgrounds, preferably, Polish, or Czech. It keeps the culture alive. Once there's mixing, the culture tends to die off. Ex: United States. Everyone is starting to become so mixed that they don't even care to identify with their culture.
nothanks - | 640
14 Apr 2017 #152
I've encountered beautiful light haired and light eyed girls in America self-describe themselves as "mutt" - because they are a handful of European backgrounds. Then fast forward and they are dating out of race.

It is one thing to find it difficult to reconnect with your past (maybe parents/grand folks are gone or even not interested in helping) or it's just plain too expensive to buy a plane ticket to Europe (increasingly less the issue) and track your heritage

But for the most part it's done ideologically. A North American without a heritage they are proud of are far more likely to stray to other races. The globalist love this. In some parts of North America: white is projected as lame or even ugly.
14 Apr 2017 #153
Exactly. Stay away from Politics and media, all they try to do is deceive. People still feed into it. Best to experience things to get an idea of the world. Also, maybe the best option for these people who feel "lame" because of their race, is to go and move somewhere where they can connect with their roots, say in a major city(Where that specific culture is big), and spend time with these people. For example, in Chicago, you hear alot of pride when someone says, "I'm Polish," Boston, you hear a lot of pride when someone says they're Irish. It'd good for people to connect with people of the same ancestry. We should all be proud of where we come from.
Lyzko 25 | 7,166
15 Apr 2017 #154
Religion is an EXTREMELY strong point in Poland!!! Stronger even than in Spain, Italy or Ireland, where in the latter, people are constantly satirizing (often vulgarly) the entire premise of the Catholic Church.

In Poland, such is violently frowned upon by the average Pole, who considers himself a practicing Catholic. Why, even Jews may be seen attending mass, only to fit in to such a tightly traditional and still homogeneous societyLOL

Joke about anything in Poland, from sex to politics, but aside from certain big-city cabaret-style entertainment (mostly for foreigners), NEVER kid about Catholicism:-)

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