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Multiracial Poles

JimmyH 1 | 21
15 Oct 2012 #121
Multiracial women are so beautiful. Look at Mariah Carey.
Rysavy 10 | 308
15 Oct 2012 #122
The child doesnt necessary get the "best genes"

That goes for all children..racially homogenous or mixed.
Attractive parents are always a good start. Sad but true.

For every ethereal lovely child you see... there 4 x as many heartbreaking homely ones and then your generic average kids.
For every kid that dodged the family disorder bullet, will be 1-2 that got some inherited malaise.

(though I am pretty sure my 1/2 Polish kids will mix pretty nice results..... ^_^)
Levi_BR 6 | 220
9 Dec 2014 #123
I Think that mixed kids are not a problem for any country.

The problem is mixed cultures.

I am brazilian, my girlfriend is polish. If someday (still far away haha) we have kids, those kids, independent of the appearance, will learn polish, will be catholic and eat pierogi.

Much bigger problem than that are mixed kids (or even 100% polish kids) that don't learn proper polish, leave their culture, convert to foreigners religions, stop drinking and eating pork and are ashamed of their heritage. THIS IS THE REAL MENACE.
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,675
9 Dec 2014 #124

it is really not that bad - my kids dont speak Polish because their dad didnt bother speaking to them much.
Also they hate peirogi - tasteless cheesy dumps as they call them.
They are British kids now and what is the problem?
And yes they are ashamed of him not his nationality or religion.
They dropped his name because nobody can say it here. so what?
Levi_BR 6 | 220
9 Dec 2014 #125
They are British kids now and what is the problem?

As you said, they are british kids, not poles. So not a problem for Poland anyway.

I Think that you didnt understood what i wrote. I was clear when i said that the problem is when in mixed couples one side (especially the man) try to enforce his culture throat below the other side and the kids and still call themselves poles.

If a kid doesn't speak polish and feel ashamed to have polish heritage (ahaha this is so PATHETIC, but ok), this kid is not pole EVEN if looks like one.

If a kid speak polish, like poland, and is proud of his 50% polish ascendancy, even not looking completely like a pole, this kid is one.
9 Dec 2014 #126
my kids dont speak Polish because their dad didnt bother speaking to them much.

So the kids are British. nothing more nothing else.
To be Polish is a bit more than just the bloodline.
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,675
10 Dec 2014 #127
'the kids are British nothing more nothing less" Thank the good Lord

yes goofy it would involve living there and being educated there wouldn't it?
10 Dec 2014 #128
No, that is not what Ive said, educated yes i agree to a certain (though Polskie Szkolki) do a great job at educating our youth, heck i took part in many Patriotic events organised by Polish schools.

living there? ohh so people like Mickiewicz or Kosciuszko were not Poles? :-)
if the kid doesnt like the Polish culture, tradition etc then its quite cleare to me he doesnt want to be seen as Polish.
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,675
10 Dec 2014 #129
oh you know I am just pulling your leg Goofy.
Essentially it is about self identification as you say.
10 Dec 2014 #130
only to an extent, self identification AND the willingness to learn the history/culture etc
self identification presented by "I am willing to learn to become a Pole")
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,675
10 Dec 2014 #131
I meant if someone wants to self identify as eg Irish, English, Polish, it is up to them, no matter where they live or where their parents are from.

It is intensely personal.

If a kid doesn't speak polish and feel ashamed to have polish heritage (ahaha this is so PATHETIC, but ok

yeh really is it? and you know something about this situation do you? No I thought not, why not shut up?
10 Dec 2014 #132
i disagree, its insulting to the nations people. you have to work on yourself to become anhything in life right? same goes for a new or a discovered nationality. its not just anything like a sticker "I am British" you should know countrys history, and cultural values. to be part of something you need to learnabout it first.
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,675
10 Dec 2014 #133
you are probably right Goofy but you know - some people are forced to choose ....
7 Jul 2015 #134
Hello everyone,

i am a mixed race my father is a prado braisilian and my mother is indian ( indian from india) and i am currently living in poland and my girlfriend is polish when its a question about mixed race i think i have a good knowledge about it thanks to my parents and when people hear about my race in poland they say i am a mixed race of two exotic countries but all i could say is love has no borders no boundries no race i would like to conclude my message by saying that mixed race or not everyone is beautiful but hell yeah mixed race are the best ...:)
7 Jul 2015 #135
"i am a mixed race my father is a prado braisilian a"

There is no such thing as prado brazilian. And learn how to spell brazilian.

"mixed race are the best ...:)"

No, they are not.
Be mixed or not doesn't make anyone better (or worse).

Ass: Someone from the most mixed country of the world.
f stop 25 | 2,513
7 Jul 2015 #136
Prado is a municipality is Brasil. Brasil is a Portugeese spelling of English Brazil.
And mixed races are the best. Learn evolution.
Wulkan - | 3,251
8 Jul 2015 #137
And mixed races are the best.

Are you saying that someone who is mixed race is superior to me because I'm monoracial? f stop, I didn't expect you to be racist...
8 Jul 2015 #138
"i am a mixed race my father is a prado braisilian

if you dont know anything about the world so shut the F up better than talking **** google prado "braselien " and you will see and yes i spelled

'BRAZIL' as 'BRASIL' coz thats how we say it in brasil ,get some education and talk and i never said we are superior than other race all human beings are equal but yes i take pride in being a mixed race .
Lyzko 25 | 7,166
8 Jul 2015 #139
Is a Prado Brazilian by any stretch a Brazilian who like the Prado? Or is that a silly question?
8 Jul 2015 #140
santosmenino, I am Brazilian.

You said Braisilian and this doesnt exist. It is either Brazilian or Brasileiro. There is no Braisilian.

By the way, menino (boy) is written wrongly in your nickname.

"coz thats how we say it in brasil "

Coz? That says a lot about which country you really are. Namaste.

Lyzko, yes.
8 Jul 2015 #141
i dont know which part of brasil are you from or you are just trying to be one, i was born in brasil and i have a brasilien passport ...and how you do you say prado does not exist ?? tommorow you will say armerindians dont exist ....foda se puta...
Levi 12 | 450
8 Jul 2015 #142

Again, there is no such thing as bresilien. Is either "Brazilian" (english) or "Brasileiro" (portuguese).

If you had a Brazilian passport (thing that you dont have) you would know that, since it is written there.

"and how you do you say prado does not exist ?? tommorow you will say armerindians dont exist ....foda se puta..."

Wait.... so all that time you were meaning PARDO? (The mixed between Whites and Blacks).

And then you wrote Prado all the time? Hahaha and still you wanna convice someone that you are Brazilian, and hence, speak portuguese?

"foda se puta..."

You put f**k you b*tch at google translate to portuguese and copied to here hahahaha dude, whatever you wanted to say, this doesnt make any sense in Portuguese.

Stop faking that you are brazilian and that you speak portuguese (which doesnt work well on google translator). Better choose a spanish speaking nation, than the translations will be more convincing. Or just admit that you are indian.
29 Mar 2017 #143
My kids are Jamaican/ isrealian/polish
Lyzko 25 | 7,166
29 Mar 2017 #144
Polish-Columbian/American isn't that uncommon where we used to live:-)
bviecelli - | 2
13 Apr 2017 #145
Hi all.
I'm from Brazil and I'm wondering to move to Krakow until the end of this year. I don't speak polish yet and I know nothing about polish culture. Althrough, my great-grandmother was born in Poland and moved to Brazil and I expect to get polish nationality during my stay.

I'm little bit confused about how receptive and how the people will treat me. I'm a pleasant person, I like to talk with others, about almost anything. I believe that with a good talk we can solve almost all the problems. :)
Lyzko 25 | 7,166
13 Apr 2017 #146
Poles will at first be curious about you, after all, their culture is still overwhelmingly homogeneous. After the initial thawing period however, you'll find most Poles to be a kind and hospitable people:-)

Powodzenia! Boa sorte!
nothanks - | 640
13 Apr 2017 #147
Most will ignore you. Some will love you and others hate you
Lyzko 25 | 7,166
13 Apr 2017 #148
And the enlightened majority will hopefully try to understand you before condeming you. Hey, you're both Catholic countries!!!
bviecelli - | 2
13 Apr 2017 #149
Thanks Lyzko, for the explanation. I'm thinking very carefully before move from here and all information are welcome...
I see that religion is a strong point in polish culture...

nothanks this kind of thing I see here in Brazil too, I'm not worried about it... It's a human being condition not to like everybody. :)
Wulkan - | 3,251
14 Apr 2017 #150
You should be alright most of the time, if you have someone acting unfriendly towards you, make sure he knows that you are not a muslim.

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