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Moving to Lodz/ Strykow area Summer 2012

CherylM 2 | 3
18 Dec 2011 #1
Hello Everyone

My family and I will be moving to Poland this summer due to my husband's company transfer. He will be working in Strykow and we will be looking for rentals near his work and possibly Lodz. After reading so much from the forums here there is alot more we know we'll have to learn by day to day experiences. However, if there are any advices or tips anyone could share it would be much appreciated.

We are a family of 5; 2 college age children and one 12 year old that will continue home-schooling for his studies.
We have looked into the shipping costs of bringing 2 of our vehicles with us and financially will make more sense than purchasing new. We are also avid cyclists and and are bringing all of our bicycles.

Thank you, we are all looking forward to landing in Poland!

JonnyM 11 | 2,615
18 Dec 2011 #2
Strykow and we will be looking for rentals near his work and possibly Lodz.

I went there a few times. It's a sleepy place, as much a village as a town. You might prefer Lodz unless you like village life. Lowicz or Zgierz are possibilities. Lowicz has a nice town square but the rest is dreary. Zgierz is similar. Both have a supermarket etc but not much to do if you don't speak the language. The appearance of Lodz can be a bit of a shock at first, especially if you're new to Central or Eastern Europe, but the city has everything you'd want and appearances in this case are deceptive. Personally I rather like Lodz.

There will be more scope for renting a house in Lodz due to its size. In smaller places there's usually something for rent but it is far less likely to be what you're looking for.

There are plenty of cycle paths in Poland, especially in the cities, but on main roads and in the countryside the standard of driving is appalling. Nevertheless plenty of people have bikes - cycling is even a bit of a national pastime.

We have looked into the shipping costs of bringing 2 of our vehicles

In Lodz the public transport is excellent - you might find yourself using a car less and less. A foreign licence plate may attract unwelcome attention from the police who are not what you are used to. If you're outside Lodz however, a car is essential.

Don't worry too much about shipping things. You can buy anything you might conceivably need in Lodz. What country are you from?

To add, I was chatting to a friend near Strykow who said there are some new housing developments round there - apparently quite nice. He also suggested looking at Pabianice. I used to go there on business sometimes and stay there - it's a nice place.
OP CherylM 2 | 3
18 Dec 2011 #3
Thank you JonnyM,

We have been living in on the US/Mexican border while my husband works in Mexico. We are used to being transfered around and really enjoy cultures of where ever we go. And I am hoping to use the cars less and less, however since we will be in Poland for a minimum of 5 years we are looking into registering and plating them there.

Also, reading that nearly 99% percent of advertised rental houses and flats are fully furnished, we will definetly travel light regarding household goods.
Ania_flat - | 2
17 Jan 2012 #4
Hi Cheryl,
I'm living in Lodz for a few years. I'm a real estate Agent - we have some really nice apartements for rent but in Lodz. If you wish to see some i can send you links.

In my opinion if you are going to stay in Poland for 5 years it would be better for you to stay in bigger city. You will have more opportunities to spend time in nice way. There are really good attractions and some nice place that you will enjoy for sure (botanique garden, Manufaktura, zoo, parks, cinemas etc.). If you need some other information i can help.

17 Jan 2012 #5
Described as "David Lynch's favorite city":
jagdterrier - | 1
19 Sep 2012 #6
Hi Cheryl
If you are still in the area send me a private message.
We'd love to meet up.

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