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Moving from India to Krakow for employment - suggestion for good location to live with family

suhasnadgouda 1 | 15
22 Dec 2017 #1
Hi All,
I will be moving to Krakow shortly along with My Wife.
My work place is located in Krakow Business Park, Zaberizow. Please suggest some nice places to live with decent rents.
and daily travelling distance to office(Krakow business park) is less, place has good public transport (buses/trains) accessibility to office and also is safe to live from family perspective

I am looking for a bedroom+hall+kitchen flat.
DominicB - | 2,709
22 Dec 2017 #2
There are dozens of threads on this forum that contain the answers to your questions. Use the search function to find them.
OP suhasnadgouda 1 | 15
22 Dec 2017 #3
I am able to figure out couple of places bronowice,krowodrza and kleparz after searching the forum but since My office would be in Krakow Business park there is no specific answers from that perspective, would appreciate If You can provide your suggestions and inputs again to Me -thanks in advance
terri 1 | 1,664
22 Dec 2017 #4
Make sure you have good links to your mode of transport. All areas are o.k.
WaWa homie - | 6
22 Dec 2017 #5
Why aren't these jobs going to Poles?
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,838
22 Dec 2017 #6
because they all left to work in the UK Ireland and Germany.etc...:):)
WaWa homie - | 6
22 Dec 2017 #7
Under EU law, they must certify that no EU national can be found to do this job. More likely, no one will do the job at the low salary offered. So, rather than meet the market price of labor, the job is offered to someone from outside the EU. This is also called "the race to the bottom". Surprisingly, the employer can't find any Slavs to work at this low rate of pay, not even in Ukraine!
terri 1 | 1,664
22 Dec 2017 #8
It could also be that the requirements of the job, such as being able to speak foreign languages is one of the deciding factors.
22 Dec 2017 #9
@WaWa homie
The poster is from Bangalore (Silicon Valley of India) and he will be working in the Krakow Business Park. You don't need to be a genius to realize that this is a highly-skilled position that most likely pays well above the market price. I work in a hi-tech company which has a loads of open positions often taken by Indian/Pakistani nationals because there are not enough Poles with required skills nor EU-nationals willing to re-locate to Poland.
DominicB - | 2,709
22 Dec 2017 #10
Append the words "for the wages offered" to the end of your post and you have it.

The pay this individual is receiving is far below the amount a Pole or EU national can earn. It's also boring, dull and dreary drudge work that has been outsourced because no one wants to do it. Besides being boring, it is also not the type of work that leads to career advancement. It's a dead end job to anyone who doesn't have another motive, in this case, to enter the EU work market. These guys aren't attracted by the job or the wages, and they certainly aren't attracted to Poland. Very few, if any of them will spend more than a year or two in Poland. They are attracted by better, higher paying jobs in the West, and for them, spending a couple years in a $hit job in Poland is a price worth paying. The outsourcing company knows this and that they can offer substandard wages.

In any case, it looks like the job market for Indians and other third worlders is drying up. Probably because Ukrainians are taking a lot of the jobs, but also because the government is making it harder to get work permission and visas for non-EU citizens. And also because the outsourcing companies have moved their operations to India.
22 Dec 2017 #11
It's also boring, dull and dreary drudge work that has been outsourced because no one wants to do it.

And you know this from your crystal ball? Luxoft, for example, has a big R&D office in KBP. Do these jobs look dull and dreary with no opportunity for career advancement?
DominicB - | 2,709
22 Dec 2017 #12
Luxoft is a Russian company with subsidiaries in the Ukraine. These jobs are going to Ukrainians and other former USSR nationals, not to Indians and Bengalis.
22 Dec 2017 #13
Maybe the job posting should be in Russian then? I see you know nothing about corporations. Also, you don't have a crystal ball, so you assumed that suhasnadgouda will work in a low-paid, dull, and dreary job just because he/she is Indian. That makes you - what?
DominicB - | 2,709
22 Dec 2017 #14
The ads are in English and Polish because Luxoft technically has to give preference to EU nationals, and they have to advertise the jobs as part of the process of getting a work permit. The ads are mostly just for show. The jobs are actually filled by ads in Russian published in the Ukraine, or by staff that already work for them in the Ukraine.

And yes, the OP is going to work in a job that no one in Poland or the EU wants for the wages offered. That is the basis of the hiring company's application for a work permit. If it were a quality job that an EU citizen would want, he would not have been hired. He's getting a low-paid, dull and dreary job not because he's an Indian, but because he's not an EU national, and because he is willing to work for sub-market rates.
cms 9 | 1,255
22 Dec 2017 #15
I think you can post ads in any language you like - almost every shop, fast food and warehouse has adverts in Ukrainian these days
DominicB - | 2,709
22 Dec 2017 #16
Ukes are a special case. They don't need work permits for temporary jobs.
terri 1 | 1,664
22 Dec 2017 #17
I have actually spoken to Indians working in Krakow. They earn from 10K pln plus gross per month. Some are here with their wives, others not.
DominicB - | 2,709
22 Dec 2017 #18
That sounds like a lot, until you realize that that's less than half of what an equivalent job would pay in the west, and, much more importantly enables you to save an even smaller fraction. And no, the lower cost of living does not come close to offsetting the wage difference. The Indians you met are using Poland as a stepping stone to better paying jobs in the west. Foolishly, I think, because if they took the trouble to conduct a proper job search, they wouldn't need to waste a year or two stuck on a low-paying stepping stone, and could land a job in the west straightaway.
terri 1 | 1,664
23 Dec 2017 #19
I believe that it is easier to get a job in Poland for an Indian national. Their belief, I presume is that once they get their foot in the EU door, (by working in Poland) they think that it will be easier for them to move to a more beneficial country, having experience in an EU country already.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,643
6 Jan 2018 #20
There are absolutely good jobs mainly in it going to pakis and indians. A good chunk of them are making 10 15k zs if they have experience education etc. A lot maybe arent making over 10k but they may be just using it as an experience to go westwards or just gaining experience. Everyday theres tons of indians (mostly) or pakistanis on here asking about visas, jobs, apartments, etc. Some indians end up rly liking poland and stay and even learn the language.

In wroclaw there is a small/mid sized corp that recruits people wanting to learn to program/code. You take a 6 to 12 mon course at their location and upon successful completion of a sort of programming class youre offered a 10k z salary brutto. They mainly recruit young people and eager working moms. Personally that kind of jobs sounds extremely boring just sitting around and writing code. But it is a fairly quick learn, decent salary, and pretty stable job.
mayank - | 1
6 Jan 2018 #21
During World War II, an Indian king set up a home away from home for Polish refugees and orphans: a Little Poland in India. His efforts saved the lives of more than 640 women and children.
13 Jul 2018 #22
Hi , I am also thinking to move Poland Krakow , can you please provide your contact number ? I have some questions.

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