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Polish Movies and News with subtitles to learn Polish language

Terra 2 | 18
24 Jun 2007 #1
wasnt too sure were to put htis post so just popped it in here,

i am looking for somewhere to get movies that are either Polish subtitles or Polish Language with english subtitles, any help is appreciated.

thx in advance
TheKruk 3 | 308
24 Jun 2007 #2
There must be some shops that cater to the growing Polish market in the UK?
Google films by Andzrej wajda his films are quite famous and all dvd's are in Polish with English sub's. Are you interested for learning purposes?
karturn 9 | 20
24 Jun 2007 #3
Here in the states I use Netflix. There are a good many Polish movies on there & they all have subtitles. Goood luck.
OP Terra 2 | 18
24 Jun 2007 #4
thx for the response to my query, i am looking for the films for my girlfriend but obviously due to me being english would be nice to understand the films also.

if i am honest i do get most my own films from newsgroups.

so yet again any help will be appreciated.
Eastender - | 45
24 Jun 2007 #5
Here are a couple of polish films doing the rounds on the net.

As to where you get them, you can try your local blockbuster or blockbuster online

Plac Zbawiciela (2006)
Z odzysku (2006)
Palimpsest (2006)
Oda do radosci (2005)
Komornik (2005)
Czas surferów (2005)
Skazany na bluesa (2005)
Mój Nikifor (2004)
Pornografia (2003)
Glosniej od bomb (2002)
The Pianist (2002)
Tam i z powrotem (2002)
Lekcja polskiego kina (2002)
Miss mokrego podkoszulka (2002)
Listy milosne (2001)
Cisza (2001)
Pieniadze to nie wszystko (2001)
Angelus (2000)
Zycie jako smiertelna choroba przenoszona droga plciowa (2000)
Taniec trzcin (2000)
Dlug (1999)
Pan Tadeusz (1999)
Fuks (1999)
Voyages (1999)
Fotoamator (1998)
Bandyta (1997)
Pancia (1997)
Tata z Ameryki (1997)
Unser fremdes Kind (1997)
Matka swojej matki (1996)
Szamanka (1996)
Stan niewazkosci (1994)
25 Jun 2007 #6
well maybe off-topic ... but ... i thought it was so funny the dubbing of foreign movies with just one person doing voice over !!

do they still do dubbing in this way ??
26 Jun 2007 #7
if u go to you can get Polish subtitles for just about any film,

after you d/l it u can just c&p it into the video from what i was told.
jnowiski 2 | 121
27 Jun 2007 #8
i have i think two polish movies, i've watched one, but can't really remember what its about. and i have one called "The Promised Land"...or something like that.
chase5 2 | 17
27 Jun 2007 #9
if u go to you can get Polish subtitles for just about any film

yea i use this site its pretty good
Mermaid - | 29
27 Jun 2007 #10
"The Promised Land" brilliant movie (nominated for Oscar) - polish title "Ziemia Obiecana" - 1974 film by Andrzej Wajda with great actors: Daniel Olbrychski, Wojciech Pszoniak and Andrzej Seweryn.

Another brillliant movie by Andrzej Wajda is "Danton" (1982) - superb acting - Gerard Depardieu as Danton and Wojciech Pszoniak as Robespierre.
witek 1 | 587
27 Jun 2007 #11
Ziemia Obiecana" - 1974 film by Andrzej Wajda

i have watched it maybe 20 times, very good film.

shows how £ódź grew into a textile/industrial powerhouse in the 19th Century.

King Sobieski 2 | 714
27 Jun 2007 #12
is the film "vinci" any good?

it is on late at night and will stay up for it is worthwhile.
Eastender - | 45
27 Jun 2007 #13
if u go to you can get Polish subtitles for just about any film

can you d/l films from this site too? i tried checking myself but as i don't understand pl, i didn't know what to look for.
Meg 1 | 38
27 Jun 2007 #14
I saw "Miś" this weekend. Absolutely hilarious although it was a bit disjointed and I think the English subtitles were a bit off - still enjoyed it, though.
Mermaid - | 29
30 Jun 2007 #15
I have watched "Kiler" at least 10 times, very funny

Poland Kiler
svengoolie 1 | 112
30 Jun 2007 #16
In chicago they have a Polish film festival in september
18 Jun 2009 #17
I am also looking to buy English movies (i. e. Kingdom of Heaven, Italian Job) with Polish subtitles to either buy in the US or ship to the US. I found a site that sells them but won't ship to here. Please help!
R Brzostek - | 17
27 Jun 2009 #18
What are the best places (websites) for someone to buy Polish DVDs from Poland?

My website has a new address

Which country are you in as those are not all availble in the US...
polish person
15 May 2011 #19
does any one know any websites where u can watch free polish movies or one called "szpilki na giewoncie"?
antheads 13 | 355
15 May 2011 #20
as anothe person stated its best to download polish/english movies from bitorrent and the subtitl4es from napisy or You will need vlc player or similar to add the subtitles file when you are watching the movie. the link below has many english films with polish subtitles too.

@polish person
Jars777 20 | 70
24 Jul 2013 #21
Merged: Online news about Poland with subtitles?

Hello everyone.

Does anyone know a site where I can watch Polish news with Polish subtitles? I want to watch it to learn Polish but just listening is too fast. :-)

Monitor 14 | 1,817
24 Jul 2013 #22
Wiadomości has subtitles, though not online. Below is information of other national tv programs which have subtitles

In the past you could turn on subtitles with use of Teletext, perhaps now there is easier option with DVB-T. It's explained here:

Here are tvp movies online with subtitles:
HondaGuy - | 1
2 Dec 2014 #23
Merged: Where to shop for American movies (dvds) with Polish subtitles or Polish voice over ?

I want to buy some movies for family members that live in Poland. American movies with Polish subtitles or Polish voice over.

What are the best websites ?
Looker - | 1,134
2 Dec 2014 #24
Best in Poland of course :)
For example in,,,, allegro and many others

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