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How can I look up a phone number in Warszawa, from Canada?

30 Jan 2016 #1
Hello, I have lost contact with my family in Poland. I am trying to look up phone numbers on-line and I cannot find a single page.

I keep finding various directories, but am unable to actually enter the name so I can look! What am I doing wrong?

kpc21 1 | 763
30 Jan 2016 #2
Try to call the number: +48 118 913, or if it doesn't work, then +48 22 118 913. This is the help line giving information on people's phone numbers.

I am not sure if they also give information in English. There used to be a separate number for the information in English: +48 118 811 / +48 22 118 811, but the information about it that I find are over 10 years old, so its operation might have been discontinued.

There is no online-available phone directory in Poland.

And I am afraid that it might be not enough to give the name of the specific person, I think you will also need the town where they live. Due to the personal data protection law.

Another problem might be that they no longer have a landline phone in the era of cell phones.

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