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Lodz Music Scene (pop / hip hop / other clubs?)

megnblaze 1 | -
9 May 2012 #1
Hello! I am an American moving to Lodz in about 4 months and am wondering about the music scene in Lodz. I am mostly interested in finding some hip hop music clubs/venues to hang out in as well as venues showing funk/rock/punk bands. If anyone can throw out some names of either venues or artists that frequent Lodz I would great appreciate it! Can't wait to move over there!

gerrywindmill - | 1
12 May 2012 #2
check out internet site
lodz in your pocket. .
KenC - | 2
17 Dec 2013 #3
Merged: Which night clubs in Lodz are popular?

Can you tell me which night clubs in lodz would be worth to see and would be crowded (I wouldnt like to see empty clubs)?
2 Jun 2014 #4, or

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