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The Killing--tv show where Agnieszka Holland and Polish mafia is involved

pip 10 | 1,660
17 May 2012 #1
Do any of you watch this show. I am addicted. Basically it takes place in Seattle (filmed in Vancouver) and it is about the murder of a teenage girl. The Polish mafia is involved--Agnieszka Holland has directed a few episodes.

Highly recommend. Cinematography is amazing- really well done.
phtoa 9 | 236
17 May 2012 #2
Never watched it, but ill def have too.
I watched the original version Forbrydelsen danish tv show and it was great!
isthatu2 4 | 2,703
17 May 2012 #3
Spoiler....dont bother with the american version, they just made up a bullsh!t *Bobby Ewing coming out of the shower* level twist in order to make a second series.
OP pip 10 | 1,660
17 May 2012 #4
I have heard the Danish version is really great- this version is good too.
terri 1 | 1,665
17 May 2012 #5
It all started with the Danish version. They have brought in other shows as well. The next Killing is already being filmed, and although the Danish version is subtitled, it is the best thing on British TV by a long shot. The Killing is winning awards left, right and centre.
OP pip 10 | 1,660
17 May 2012 #6
I like this one because it is filmed in Vancouver and I recognize a lot of the filming locations. I would love to see the Danish version- I have huge Scandinavian envy.
isthatu2 4 | 2,703
18 May 2012 #7
Danish version is subtitled, it is the best thing on British TV by a long shot.

Non, Engrenages...Spiral is the best thing on British TV , French Police procedural show set in the rougher parts of Paris,great cast,great scripts ,brilliant stuff, I can swear really well in French now :)

Is anyone watching The Bridge?
I loved Wallander but Ive missed these other Scandi dramas, TBH, not seen the Killing,just been told by friends about the dodgy 2nd season premis.

I know what you mean Pip about spotting places you know in shows,unfortunatly with my town its either footage of Police V Miners battles in '84 or episodes of Open All Hours :)

Downside is you spend half the time going, *thats not a bank/court house/Police station,its a XYZ * or * You cant get there going down that street ,its a dead end,oh,not in this version of reality * :)
rybnik 18 | 1,461
18 May 2012 #8
Thanks pip! I never heard of this show. Your post made me look it up and I'm going to check it out. Polish mafia??? I can't wait!
18 May 2012 #9
The American version pissed everybody off with the season ending. The whole premise of the show was that the killer and everything else would be revealed by the end of Season One, and a new case would begin in Season Two. Instead, they threw in a buncha red herrings, too many characters, and wussied out at the end, promising more next season. Fool me once.. you know the rest.
OP pip 10 | 1,660
18 May 2012 #10
I disagree with you Jason. I think it has really played out well. There are still two shows left before the end of season two.

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