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Joanna (Asia) Name days?

24 Aug 2010 #1
I sent regards to an old friend after seeing that today, 24/08 was her name day at the bottom of the page on this Forum! Oops! I checked on Google and maybe it should have been 24/05. Can anyone help on this. Her name is Joanna (Asia)! I think I dropped a Boo-Boo.

Dzienki Paweł
Paulina 13 | 3,497
24 Aug 2010 #2
Do you know when she was born? Because in Poland it's usually the first name day in the calendar after the birthday (Joanna has at least 21 name days in the calendar according to Wikipedia ;)).
scottie1113 7 | 898
24 Aug 2010 #3
It wasn't today. My calendar lists Jerzego and Bart£omieja as having name days today. Oh well.
abu3issa 14 | 42
13 Jan 2013 #4
I have two questions about Polish...
how can a girl named Joanna, her nickname would be Asia? -_-"
I've heard a few other names that the nickname has no resemblence with the original name.
In English, it's pretty easy, Robert is Rob or Bob, Joanna is Anna or Jo, etc. even in Arabic the nickname is always derived from the name itself.

Can somebody explain the logic behind a nickname such as Asia? I'm not making fun of it or being sarcastic, I am sincerely curious to understand the culture behind such a thing :)

My second question is, the names order. In Arabic, we use this order = Given name + father's name + family name with bin or ibn between each name (meaning, son of). for Example, the king of Saudi Arabia is Abdullah ibn Abdulaziz Al-Saud.

What's the naming system in Poland? Do you use middle name like they do in USA? How does the name
polonius 54 | 420
13 Jan 2013 #5
Asia is short for Joasia which definitely is derived from Joanna. English also has hypocoristic forms that at first glance may not seem related to the original: eg: Peggy < Margaret, Bill < WIlliam, Ned < Edward.
13 Jan 2013 #6
The order is:
first name + (optionally) second name + surname. Not everyone has second name. No tradition of including father's name. Some surnames change gender if carried by a woman (from -ski to -ska).

There is also an oldfashioned tradition to add other kind suffixes to women surnames which reflect if she's a Miss or Mrs, but you won't find it in official documents:

Mr Kowal has wife called Mrs Kowalowa while their daughter is called Miss Kowalówna. However I will stress that again: it's oldfashioned now and only elders refer like that.
abu3issa 14 | 42
15 Jan 2013 #7
Thanks LOADS! It was killing me trying to figure it out xD and you do have a point about English, I have no idea why Peggy & Bill didn't come to my mind :P

That was very informative, and cleared out a lot of things :) Thank you very very very much
12 Aug 2013 #8
I have a similar query, I don't really know her date of birth, but could you kindly explain how the system works. I appreciate your help. Thank you. We normally call her Aska and her actual name is (Joanna). I would be thankful if you can tell me what would be her name day.....
Kowalski 7 | 621
13 Aug 2013 #9
next Joanna name day follows on: 17 Aug, 21 Aug, 24 Aug, 26 Aug , 9 November.
Pick up one and celebrate, she would likely tell you if the date isn't right and WHEN is her name day celebration day - happens all the time at workplace. If she does celebrate her day she will bring some sweets and alcohol to share.

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