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'TO MY A JAK' - looking for title and/or artist

unvoicingreaper 1 | 1
6 Jan 2013 #1
Can find the damn song anywhere all I know its a catchy beat with TO MY A JAK repeated several times In the chorus and is possibly rap...heard it from a polish spec forces soldier while I was deployed in Iraq and can't figure out the name of the song...any and all help would be greatly appreciated :)
Lenka 3 | 2,500
6 Jan 2013 #2
Is it this one?

kcharlie 2 | 165
6 Jan 2013 #3
Well, I've had no luck finding a likely match. Unfortunately, the bit you memorised is an extremely common combination of syllables in Polish. I've been searching for similar phrases. Maybe someone else can help. Not even you can be sure that you heard correctly, and the possibilities are endless.

"to my a jak" would literally mean, "that's us, but when..."

"to mija jak" would mean, "it passes as though"

"to ma, a jak" would mean, "... has got it, but when"

"to miała jak" would mean, "... she had got it like"

"to moja k-something" would mean, "this is my k-something"

"ta moja k-something" would mean, "that k-something of mine"

"domy jak" would mean, "houses like"

"tu, my jak" would mean, "here were are as"

"oddał mu jak" can possibly mean "he gave it back to him like".

To complicate things further, any Polish verb can end in "-my" in the first person plural. "Ja" also means "I" and any number of words can begin with "k-", not to mention the innumerable words that have "ja" as their first or final syllable.
OP unvoicingreaper 1 | 1
6 Jan 2013 #4
ive been familiar with to my polacy since I.was a child and I'm 25 so that's how old the song is heh but no this is not the song but keep trying plz and than you for the effort

I think is was the title of the song to be honest and it was pronounced TOE MAY AYE (LIKE A SAILORS "AYE AYE") YAHK so perhaps that will help a little

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