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Indian Stores in Poznan

raghav_sai 1 | 3
26 Jul 2016 #1
i have moved to Poznan recently and i am looking for some indian stores where i can get indian vegetables and also spices etc..
can you suggest any places or shops and if possible their location in Poznan.
26 Jul 2016 #2
I can't find anything listed online but I did find 3 Indian restaurants in PoznaƄ.
Maybe you could visit and enquire where they get their ingredients from?
Or you could order online from this site based in Warsaw for example:-
20 Aug 2016 #3
I am from india and i plan to invest in poznan. will there be enough client base if i plan to open an indian store with grocceries and also indian artifacts and indian handicrafts
Wulkan - | 3,203
20 Aug 2016 #4
Indian population i Wroclaw is quite tiny, this kind of store wouldn't survive for long.
20 Aug 2016 #5
how about indian street food cafe . do people in poland experiment with food.
Bartkowiak 5 | 114
20 Aug 2016 #6
That could work.

Of course, it depends on what type of food you plan to serve people with.
terri 1 | 1,663
21 Aug 2016 #7
The first thing to do is to find out how many people would be interested. Stop 200 people on the street, ask them let them taste the food.

Go to another location, stop another 200 people, ask them and let them taste the food.
Go to a 3rd location, stop 200 people, ask them....
Only when you have conducted market research on at least 1,000 people chosen from various sites within the city will you have an idea whether it is worth starting a business.

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