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IBAN/SEPA international transfer fees

1 Dec 2014 #1

I need to make a payment in Poland from abroad.
Poland is part the SEPA area and thus I could make a regular transfer with controlled fees - but I need to label the amount in EUR.

Of course, the recipient in Poland would like to get PLN.

Is there a way to compute the amount in EUR that must be transferred in order to guarantee the recipient will get the proper amount in PLN on his account?

I suppose this is a question asked frequently.


Monitor 14 | 1,818
1 Dec 2014 #2
I suppose this is a question asked frequently.

I think never. Pay with credit card or ask recipient for EUR bank account. But if you still want to do your way, then you have to find website of recipient's bank and see what is his exchange rate and guess the value for the day it will reach this bank. (SEPA can last even 3 days, or more if from Friday to Monday). Don't forget about including all fees. Not all banks in Poland accept SEPA transfers for free.
grspring 11 | 55
1 Dec 2014 #3
This is a tough question. When we purchased our apartment and put money into the sellers bank, we added our bank charge but didn't know the receiving bank charged us also, so seller thought we were trying to cheat them. There was also the buy/sell price along with exchange rate. It's allot to compute. If possible I would suggest opening a bank account in Poland. Until we got the bank account we were in the same situation.

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