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Hey Everyone, Require Smartphone Buying Guidance in Warsaw.

rajnikant_gamit 2 | -
29 Dec 2016 #1
I am travelling to Warsaw, Poland in January 2017, and gonna be staying for a long time as m coming on student visa and will be studying PG. Hence, planning to buy a smart phone from there only. I have been researching, and as per my requirement, stuck on one phone that is Blackview BV6000. What do you guys suggest? Is there any place i can find this phone at shop, coz its only showing purchase online?

31 Dec 2016 #2
I know if you have a I phone you can change out your SIM card in Poland . I had an I phone 5 S purchased a 15 GB Plus card and put it in my phone. I open the little compartment with a paperclip. The 15 GB lasted about a week. Then I added a week of talk and text which was not very expensive. You can just bring your phone and switch you SIM card

Home / Life / Hey Everyone, Require Smartphone Buying Guidance in Warsaw.
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