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Want help! Need to buy English novels but can't seem to find any good ones

Sarah89BG 1 | -
21 Dec 2013 #1
Hello everyone ^_^

There is some books I want to buy but can't seem to find any I went to the American bookstore in their site they carry all the books I want but don't seem to have them in their store the shop assistance advanced me to order online but I can't as I don't buy online :(, I went to empik but it seems like their English collection is pretty small ( they used to have big ones in the past when I come and visite but seems like empik is not giving much attantion to English literature any more ), does any one have any ideas or how to help me! There is this one in particular book i found it in both sites but not in the shops

Alice's adventures in wonderland and other stories by Lewis Carroll
I need it for someone as a birthday present I would appreciated if any one can help me with this.

Happy new year in advance and happy holiday to you all :)
johnb121 4 | 183
21 Dec 2013 #2
I'd overcome your reluctance and order from Amazon, if I were you.
DominicB - | 2,707
21 Dec 2013 #3
Learn to use, and emule, and download the books in PDF form. I can't remember the last time I bought a paper book. Almost anything I want is available for free online. For me, pdf's and ebooks are a blessing because I have poor vision and can't easily read paper books any more. On screen, I can set the font as big as I want so that I have no trouble reading it. You can also print out and bind pdf's and ebooks, and it is often cheaper than buying the book in conventional form.

Classic literature like Alice in Wonderland is in the public domain and can be legally downloaded, copied and distributed. There are PLENTY of sites on the web on which you can find classic literature to download for free. Do not use any that require you to send an SMS. You will regret it.

Another place to look is There is a surprising large selection of English books at low prices.

If you need a nice paper copy to give as a present, well then learn to use amazon. The days of conventional bookstores are numbered, especially niche ones like English bookstores in foreign countries. You're going to see a major shift toward electronic books in the coming years, and also toward internet sales. You snooze, you lose.
22 Dec 2013 #4
Try Massolit.

But really, is your best bet: free delivery on all orders over 125zl.
polskaturka - | 5
22 Dec 2013 #5
try american bookstore
zer0_r00t 1 | 4
26 Feb 2019 #6

English novels in Warsaw

Hi guys, was wondering where (stores or online orders) I can buy English novels in Warsaw. Already know empik, but if there's a better place that maybe I don't know about, would really appreciate it. Regards
cms neuf 1 | 1,723
27 Feb 2019 #7
Autorska in the basement of Zlote Tarasy - a small selection but ok
British council shop on Jerozolimskie, between Polonia Palace and Marriott

Prus bookshop on Krakowskie Przedmiescie - number 7. They have lots of non fiction and a good but rather high brow selection of novels. Also have online but I haven't had anything delivered so don't know if it's good.
Spike31 3 | 1,769
28 Feb 2019 #8
@Sarah, you can get those on Kindle. I like classic English literature and I have Kidnapped and Katriona by R.L.Stevenson, Robinson Cruzoe by William Defoe and Merry Adventures of Robin Hood by Howard Pyle in both Polish and English.

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