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What happened to my mail? (I sent some documents to Warsaw from Turkey.)

burakaydin 3 | 3
26 Jun 2011 #1
Hi dear friends!

I have a problem with my post-mail. I sent some documents to Warsaw from Turkey. I have a tracking number. I am entering this number to the polish post website ( ), and webpage says my post is at warsaw customs. It's waiting there since 6 days! Is this a normal time?

I also checked with same tracking number on a website called , there was no result. Web page said "Brak przesyłki o podanym identyfikatorze".

What is going to be my post?

Thank you very much.
convex 20 | 3,978
26 Jun 2011 #2
Strange, if it's with customs, they might be waiting for someone to come down and pick it up. But uh, why documents would be caught up with customs is a mystery in and of itself.
Cleo14 1 | 29
26 Jun 2011 #3
call the warsaw customs office and find out why it's being held up there for so long. I had a similar situation few years ago, but it wasn't documents. my father in law sent some stuff for my husband and didn't declare the value of the goods. when I called the customs office they explained what to do and we managed to get the stuff delivered :@). now, why the documents would get stuck at the customs is a mystery to me.

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