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Any good Polish movies that are not drama/ war ??

md11 2 | 5
23 Dec 2012 #1
I find that a lot of Polish movies are drama/ war/ religion oriented... go figure eh?

I'm in the mood to watch a good Polish movie mostly for to improve my language skills, but I am interested in a comedy/ thriller type. Also I'd prefer if the movie was relatively new and not from the 90s or even before that, maybe post 2000s or even post 2005. Animated films are also ok, as long as they are good, eg. Toy Story was pretty decent.

Thanks for the suggestions.
David_18 68 | 982
23 Dec 2012 #2

This one is pretty funny in my opinion
Trevek 26 | 1,702
27 Dec 2012 #3
Kret / Mole was pretty good,
Eagle20 16 | 119
27 Dec 2012 #4
I enjoyed 'Vinci' (2004)

seems to be on youtube at the moment.
OP md11 2 | 5
29 Dec 2012 #5
Thanks, I'll check them out, if you think of any more let me know.
Malopolanin 3 | 133
29 Dec 2012 #6
Dzień Świra:


Chłopaki nie płaczą:

Poranek kojota:

Pieniądze to nie wszystko:
kotlomoy - | 10
4 Jan 2013 #7
Seksmisja ( is old movie, but I'm sure you will like it anyway :)
broga 1 | 5
5 Jan 2013 #8
Wesele, it was made about 2004 I think, and it's a hilarious insight into rural Polish culture (it contains a wedding, violence, sex, and all the vodka you could ever wish for).
local_fela 17 | 172
5 Jan 2013 #9
i am up for these Polish movies!! :) hope it got subtitled tho!
Ironside 51 | 11,338
5 Jan 2013 #10
11 Jul 2019 #11
Hi, I'm looking for Polish children's movies or TV series, especially from the PWL era. Something light like the Czech "Arabela" or "Spuk unterm Riesenrad" from the DDR. Thanks in advance!
pawian 189 | 18,830
11 Jul 2019 #12
There were many, it might take a while. But how about narrowing down your request? You mentioned Arabela. Do you want a series about magic, wizards and such stuff?
Lyzko 33 | 8,284
11 Jul 2019 #13
I recently saw "Rozdrodze Café", made round about the mid-'00, and enjoyed it very much:-) It explored sexual relationships quite candidly, I must say.

Especially nice to see the (in-)famous hand 'kiss' among millenials from fairly middle-class backgrounds and not only the province of either the very old or high-ranking dignitary types!
12 Jul 2019 #14
^yes wizards are OK. But even movies/serials where one can see a typical commie mieszkanie (panelaks) (I hate Modernism in architecture but I like commie flat neighborhods with lots of open green space)
kaprys 3 | 2,286
12 Jul 2019 #15
7 zyczen

Akademia Pana Kleksa with some great songs

Wakacje z duchami

And some more like Pierścień i róża, Pan Samochodzik (based on several books by Nienacki), Janka or Podróż za jeden uśmiech
pawian 189 | 18,830
12 Jul 2019 #16
But even movies/serials where one can see a typical commie mieszkanie (panelaks)

Then perfect for you will be a brilliantly humorous series Czterdziestolatek - 40 yo man. There are 20 episodes of the first season, made in 1970s, they regularly appear and vanish from youtube due to copyrights, currently you can see 11 - 19.

Lyzko 33 | 8,284
15 Jul 2019 #17
Anybody here seen "Zmroz oczy"? As I recall, it was a mystery story with a rather involved plot, but I think it involved what we in the States call a cold case. Curious as to feedback:-)
pawian 189 | 18,830
15 Jul 2019 #18
That`s interesting, never heard of this film before, so you managed to surprise me, point for you. As I am reading the reviews now, it was a good one, aimed at intelligent audiences.
Lyzko 33 | 8,284
15 Jul 2019 #19
Probably you haven't because, as another poster once pointed out, but I being too slow to pick up on the correction, the film's proper title should read "ZmrUz oczy"LOL

Indeed, I watched this directly from a friend of ours who brought it back from Poland as a sort of anniversary gift. Therefore, it had no subtitles, and so, I was translating it for my wife who doesn't understand Polish, yet is interested in foreign cinema:-)

A nice and needed change from WWII stuff and a tense hunt through the Polish countryside, as the young boy traces the events leading up to the opening scenes.
pawian 189 | 18,830
16 Jul 2019 #20
the film's proper title should read "ZmrUz oczy"LOL

No, it doesn`t matter for google, even if you spell incorrectly, it directs you where you want.
Lyzko 33 | 8,284
16 Jul 2019 #21
I'd check out that movie, Pawian! "Kret" was even more riveting, although I didn't mention it because it is technically a drama, therefore

not the original poster's criteria for more mainstream entertainment videos.

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