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Polish free Euro account without SEPA transfer fees

thesipguy 2 | 18    
30 May 2018  #1
Hi I just opened a account at ING, I got a Zloty current account, Zloty savings account and EUR current account, there are no fees for keeping the accounts, but I realized that they charge 5 zloty for each outgoing SEPA EUR transfer, most banks in the Euro zone don't charge for it, I guess the banks in Poland are taking advantage of the fact that Euro is not the home currency, are there any banks with no outgoing SEPA fees?
Looker - | 998    
22 Jun 2018  #2
As far I can see there's only one Bank in Poland which offers free SEPA tranfers - it's the NEST Bank.
Their webpage is only in Polish, so you need some help if you don't know the language.
Registration page:
The table of fees and commissions:
OP thesipguy 2 | 18    
2 Jul 2018  #3

It seems to me that SEPA transfers have either a 5 zloty or 1 EUR charge
Looker - | 998    
  3 Jul 2018  #4
Only if you make such a transfer via their telephone service. Free through their online banking system or mobile.
OP thesipguy 2 | 18    
11 Jul 2018  #5
Thanks, I got a account by them.

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