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Polish Folk Music

29 Jun 2007 #1
I have been searching the web for some polish folk songs with accompanying sheet music, but I haven't been successful, maybe someone on these forums knows of a site? Thanks.
sylablaw 1 | 16
29 Jun 2007 #2
What kind of?
I have some songs with guitar cords
OP panpolish
29 Jun 2007 #3
any kind of folk music, such as szla dziewieczka do laseczka for example or a song like hej szalala or hej sokoly.
sylablaw 1 | 16
8 Jul 2007 #4
I will try to find some, when I get home in few day, k?
Eurola 4 | 1,902
8 Jul 2007 #5
In the mean time, if you want to listen to polish folk music, go to:, click internet stations and scroll down to "Biesiada i Folk". You will need to download Winamp if you don't have one. They play all the polish country music you can stand and then some :)
24 Jul 2007 #6
The most comprehensive Polish songbook is "Treasured Polish Songs" with English translations.. Contains 220 songs, lullabies , Soldier songs, Christmas Carols, religious songs and ballads. Worth it's weight in gold. Purchase from Polish National Alliance. in Cicero Ill. near Chicago. I'm sure you can find it on line or in phonebook and probably a phone# as well. They also have 2 easy song books compiled by former P.N.A. President, Wanda Rozmarek. nostalgic and easy to play. Also EXCELLENT is The Polish Heritage Song Book,Polish Heritage Publications distributed by Hippocrene Books,Inc; --171 Madison Avenue---New York,N. Y. 10016 . Hope this was helpful . I also have other leads if you are interested for more traditional polkas, waltzs etc. Can you tell my age or what? Also, you can try on google; they may have some acess to music books. I know they have a great deal of stuff.They also have great C D's from the 30's to present . Good selection of movies, some with subtitles,ask for catalogue. Great service as well. . Please reply is helpful. Good luck!
GrandeSande 2 | 119
24 Jul 2007 #7
You might try going to:
jevta80 - | 1
19 Dec 2007 #8
Merged: Polish folk songs - where to get them from?

Can you tell me where can i download some original polish etno and folk songs, because i don't know much of them, except `Hej sokoli` (Hey sokoly)
osiol 55 | 3,921
19 Dec 2007 #9
Can't answer you there, but I just read on <sharp intake of breath> another website that amongst the traditional instrumentation of Polish folk music are such instruments as dulcimers and hurdy-gurdies. It's not every day you see examples of these. Or is it?

Click on the artist profiles and I think there are a few MP3 files to listen to.
edit: Yes there are, but I think they want you to buy the CDs. I like the song on the page I've linked to above. Others may be in other styles, but I am yet to investigate further.

Perhaps a few searches on youtube might yield something.
isthatu 3 | 1,164
20 Dec 2007 #10
Warsaw Village Band
saw them on the Beeb a bit back, young Poles (obviously) trying to keep up the dying azovian olk music,with a bit of gorale thrown in.

( Dulcimer,probably imported by jewish musicians/gypsy musicians from the balkans)
osiol 55 | 3,921
20 Dec 2007 #11

You can't beat a bit of dulcimer. The hurdy-gurdy is more than just a funny name.
And yes, the Warsaw Village Band have one and I'm strangely jealous.
Click on that URL in my last post and you can find them.
isthatu 3 | 1,164
21 Dec 2007 #12
I'll give it a try,Thanks :)
often links freeze up my screen but here goes......
JayBee 1 | 12
21 Dec 2007 #13
Golec uOrkiestra - Kolędy hahahahah
Polak89 1 | 13
9 Feb 2008 #14
Thread attached on merging:
Folk music

im looking for some polish folk songs that are popular or that you like and if possible have akordeon/harmonika playing in them thanks.
Rjrogalla 10 | 48
19 Mar 2008 #15
have been searching the web for some polish folk songs with accompanying sheet music, but I haven't been successful, maybe someone on these forums knows of a site? Thanks.

In the US we have "POLKA MUSIC" which is lively music for dancing. Is this what you call folk music. If not do some nightclubs play POLKAS in night clubs?
jkasprzyk - | 1
26 Mar 2008 #16
Hello, I have a question that i hope someone can help me answer. I am getting married in August and I am looking for a father/daughter song. I come from a large Polish family and know there is a great father/daughter song sung in both Polish & English. The lyrics are sung in Polish first then repeated in English. I would like to know the name of this song, so if anyone can help me out I'd really appreciate it! Thanks!
Lukasz 49 | 1,746
20 Apr 2008 #17
Thread attached on merging:
Polish folk music

I think we need new topic.

So Polish folk music :)

In France Poles celebrate 50 years anniversary of artists group "Kalina". "Kalina" have been formed by children of Polish emigrants in 1920s and is very popular. Of course it isn't Mazowsze.

If somebody wants to join "Kalina" and expirience something new should go to Polish school in Pont à Mousson (town between Metz - Nancy)

Avenue Guynemer, bât. J. Lamour, 54700 Pont-a-Mousson
Dyrektor artyst.: Liliane Faivre, tel. pryw.: 03 83 82 65 50

Kalina on tour in Mexico ;)

Kalina Ensamble Folklórico de Polonia - Cielito Lindo

Finaly Polish national dance "Polonez" ("Polonaise")

reproduction form XVIII - XIX century:
Franek 8 | 271
20 Apr 2008 #18
Hey Pan here is your song. What others are you looking forI know most of them Laseczka

Szła Dzieweczka do Laseczka, do zielonego,
do zielonego, do zielonego.
Napotkała miśliwecka, bardzo swarnego,
bardzo swarnego, bardzo swarnego.
Gdzie jest ta ulica, gdzie jest ten dom?
Gdzie jest ta dziewczyna, co kocham ją?
Znalazłem ulicę, znalazłem dom,
Znalazłem dziewczynę co kocham ją.


Hej sokoly - :)
PainBrush - | 5
17 Jun 2009 #19
Anybody know where can I find guitar tablature for this Polish national anthem of
"Kto Ukradl Kiszke? "
missionslo - | 1
15 Nov 2009 #20
I have what I hope is a simple question. My great grandfather was Polish and I was raised by my grandmother. She knew some Polish and a few songs. One she often sang sounded like "Sala manda linda, sala manda linda..." und so weiter. Does anyone have any idea what the song might be?


bkru1 - | 1
5 Feb 2010 #21
When I was young my mother used. To sing a song to me in polish about a girl and her pants falling down. Can anyone give any info on this song?
Trevek 25 | 1,699
5 Feb 2010 #22
It's not every day you see examples of these. Or is it?

I do, or at least a few times a month.
Robert Johnson - | 2
14 Jul 2010 #23
If you are interested in Polish folk music, be sure to check out my web site, I am in the process of posting, audio, video, lyrics and guitar chords for the many Polish songs we sang when I was a choir boy. Good luck.
marybethjaynes - | 3
21 Nov 2010 #24 lios/

vitak elsnic order from the polish dance orchestra books 1 - 7 what ever instrument you play.

Also - go to this web site and ask around :

The awesome Polish/Chicago clarinetest Lenny Gomulka has even posted on this web site.
brown nut
14 Jan 2012 #25
Merged: Polish folk song

my father used to sing a polish folk song - something about doing nothing, nothing all day long, and I can't remember the words.

It sounded something like... (PLEASE excuse the spelling!!!)
Al bo shmito yatzi tatzi, yatzi tatzi....
czerbona czapechka ....
Can anyone help - I know I haven't given you much to go on!!!
14 Jan 2012 #26
why don't you ask your dad .. ?

the same, why don;t you ask your Mum ..?
patrick 6 | 113
14 Jan 2012 #27
My favorite "Gdybym mial gitare..."
polmed 1 | 216
14 Jan 2012 #28
my father used to sing a polish folk song - something about doing nothing, nothing all day long, and I can't remember the words.

This is a folk song written in a style of Krakowiak -Polish folk dance , called - "Abośmy to jacy tacy" , about a Cracovian men wearing dandified folk costume with navy blue knee long jackets and red caps adorned with peackock feathers and full of colorful ribbons .
nb 3 in the list click -" pobierz utwór"

The text does not mention anything about doing nothing .
brown nut
17 Jan 2012 #29
Thank you SO, SO much!!! This is the song - sang slightly differently than my father sang to me, but definitely the one!!!
I'm not sure how you managed to find it, with my bizarre wording and spelling, but VERY grateful!!
Karolina13 - | 1
2 Sep 2012 #30
Merged: Folk Songs


I am familiar with the lyrics of "Czerwone Jabluszko", but in the version sung to me by my parents, after the Gęsi za wodą chorus, there was another part, sung in a different tempo, which I think went, "oberek, oberczna, mazurek, mazureczka, kujawiak, kujawiaka..."

Can anyone confirm this and maybe complete that last line, please?

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