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Finding an English speaking doctor in Gdansk

jl5501 2 | 4
28 Apr 2013 #1

As a new arrival in Poland, I am having difficulty in finding doctors clinics, particularly English speaking ones.

Can anyone give me some pointers. particularly in the Wrzeszcz / Zaspa area of Gdansk.

best regards
Zibi - | 336
28 Apr 2013 #2
particularly English speaking ones.

How weird, isn't it? :-)

What kind of doctor are you after?
OP jl5501 2 | 4
28 Apr 2013 #3

Thanks for your reply.

Basically I am looking for the equivalent of what we would call a 'General Practitioner', in england

Best regards
cjj - | 281
28 Apr 2013 #4
you could try Medicover - in Oliwa (ul Beniowskiego)
From my experience the doctors' command of English ranges from "excellent" to "might have it but won't use it because I believe it's your job to learn Polish"
3 Sep 2013 #5 has a database of english-speaking doctors

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