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1960s Polish film - please help me identify

Listener 1 | -
22 Jun 2012 #1
Help me remember this disturbing Polish movie from the 60s or earlier - bizarre scenes

I saw this movie as a kid sometime before 1971. It was shown at an indie theatre in Canada, just a special weekend thing of interest to Polish people.I remember the film being in black and white, though I could be mistaken. I have the feeling it had a medieval court setting, with a dungeon as well.

The one thing that vividly sticks in my mind is a scene with a legless man walking on his hands through the royal court and someone with a large spike through his tongue as well. I remember these bizarre images having a sadistic element to them somehow. I have always found it really odd I got taken to that movie as a kid under 10 years old, and I'd really like to see it now as an adult.

Would really appreciate help finding this. Perhaps someone here has seen it?
pawian 213 | 22,295
17 Jul 2012 #2
Sorry, I spent some time trying to identify the film but can`t.

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