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How do the Polish feel about air pollution in their cities?

pigsy 7 | 304
7 Jan 2015 #31
The problem is that many people burn garbage in their stoves and boilers. And it's virtually impossible to control this.

Agreed,but what are they suppose to do when there is no garbage collection?My wife is from a remote village and there is no garbage collection,how are they suppose to dispose off there garbage?
Cardno85 31 | 973
7 Jan 2015 #32
It's not really remote villiages that are the problem. 10-20 families burning some rubbish in the middle of nowhere isn't ideal, but it's not a major issue. The issue, and the thread title, is people doing the same in cities. When you have tens or hundreds of thousands of people burning rubbish in a concentrated area you have a pretty major problem. There is no excuse for this in the city where there is plenty of rubbish collections.

I find breathing here in Kraków is a struggle in winter with all the pollution, it's quite terrible, but until the fines for burning things in the city cost more than modernising then no-one will bother with it.

Just as an aside, there is seriously no rubbish collection? Or just no-one wants to pay for it?
Dougpol1 31 | 2,639
14 Apr 2015 #33
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Come on EU - fix some decent rebates to force people to stop burning fossil fuels by 2018. You know it makes sense.

Poles left to themselves will do sweet FA as they haven't got a clue, and are living in the past.
13 Oct 2015 #34
When the ban will come into effect I don't know, but Duda has signed the amended Environmental Protection Act banning burning coal in houses, offices and restaurants in Kraków :-
Intermarium 11 | 64
4 Jan 2019 #35

Air Pollution in Poland

How bad is it? Is the burning of garbage widespread?

Are there any towns known for having particularly clear air?

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