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External usb hard drive Cyfrowy Polsat

27 Oct 2014 #1
My wife has a HD 5000 satellite receiver and I would like to connect a Samsung M3 external usb hard drive for pvr. Does anybody know how I should format or prepare this disc to work with the receiver?
Looker - | 1,107
27 Oct 2014 #2
Try regular NTFS format - if receiver won't recognise it, the last option should be FAT32
OP Wraith
27 Oct 2014 #3
Formatted the disc to Fat32 and still no luck, a message comes up on the screen saying 'A disc not usable by Cyfrowy Polsat has been connected' (or something like that. Any other suggestions?
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27 Oct 2014 #4
What about NTFS? And maybe the disk isn't getting enough power from the receiver? If it's larger than 500GB it may be the problem. Have you tried with regular flash drive stick?
OP Wraith
28 Oct 2014 #5
Just tried NTFS, same thing. Plugged a flash stick in and also got the same message 'A disc unable to run with Cyfrowy Polsat STB has been detected'

Not sure what to do next, unable to find official usb drive for sale in UK, and not sure where to look in Polish sites.
Looker - | 1,107
28 Oct 2014 #6
Now I see that you need the 'genuine' hdd compatible with the hd5000 - it's DTU 320 - go to the nearest Cyfrowy Polsat distributor (if you're in Poland) and ask for it. Addresses:
Price - about 210PLN

It's not easy to get such disk online unfortunately.
It appears on allegro sometimes. Recently this one:
Unluckily unavailable already.

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