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English speaking nursery in Poznan

13 Jul 2012 #1
We are looking for an English speaking nursery in Poznan for our 3 year old son. There are lots of kindergarten that have English classes and the rest is in Polish, but we have difficulty to find one that is all English or at least most of it.

Thank you for your help
dhrynio 5 | 97
13 Jul 2012 #2 - Prywatne Przedszkole Anglojęzyczne Poznań

But do not be afraid to sign your child up in a regular Polish preschool. He/she will pick Polish up so quickly and will be just fine, that and the second language is so good for them!
delphiandomine 88 | 18,446
13 Jul 2012 #3
Thank you for your help

If you want, I can check any nursery for you before you sign up. I don't want any payment for my time, but I know quite a bit about how such places should operate - and I know the questions to ask. It might sound strange that I'm offering this - but it would be useful for professional purposes for me :)

The school linked to, for instance, is using WSiP materials. Not the best to use...

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