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English-speaking Health Clinic in Warsaw area?

Superfly 6 | 8
20 Sep 2012 #1
Hi everyone,

does anyone know of any health clinics in the Warsaw area where the staff speaks english? Not a lot, but enough to communicate the basics. I need to get a health certificate and would like a check-up. I looked online and have only found LIM medical centre so far. Anyone heard of/used them? Thanks in advance!
Zibi - | 336
20 Sep 2012 #2
LIM medical centre

Yep, have used them and some of them will surely speak English. If I am not wrong, they are now owned by Luxmed which you could also try.
fatihy 3 | 6
14 Jun 2013 #3
Merged: Place advice for health check-up at warsaw

I have a form need a doctor signature about Physical Examination includes Blood pressure, vision, hearing, dental; Chest X-ray examination and laboratory examination includes blood type, hemoglobin, urine, stool for parasite ova, AIDS test, HBs Ag Test, HBs Ab test..

Signature from one doctor is enough, Where can i get a sign for that type of english form.. I may get all tests or i can get only sign, i do not care so much, i did check up 2 years ago.
jon357 71 | 21,107
14 Jun 2013 #4
Which city are you in?
fatihy 3 | 6
14 Jun 2013 #5
I am in Warsaw . Sorry i forgot to say that :)
jon357 71 | 21,107
14 Jun 2013 #6
No worries. In that case, there's a testing centre at the top end of ul. WaryƄskiego (stand by the Hotel MDM, the side by Szweik restaurant, look across the road and you'll see it). They do all sorts of tests and will certainly be familiar with the form you've got.
fatihy 3 | 6
14 Jun 2013 #7
Thank you very much, I will go and ask them on monday..

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