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English speaking hairdresser in Katowice?

candycandy 2 | 13
23 Nov 2014 #1
does anybody know an english speaking hairdresser in katowice or warsaw or krakow?
i don't care if it is expensive or posh!

i am not returning to my country until christmas and my hair is terrible atm.
Looker - | 1,139
23 Nov 2014 #2
Maybe in the Monopol Hotel? (Katowice, Dyrekcyjna 2)

But better ask them first:
793 567 688
Dougpol1 32 | 2,673
23 Nov 2014 #3
Loads of choice - no problem at all. Avoid the Monopol unless you want to burn serious money. If important then that is a good call, otherwise google for areas like Tysiaclecia, Ligota or Padereskiego that have modern stylists and they will speak English.

Having said that -out of town you would only save 20 per cent so yes, the Monopol is a good call.

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