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Driving test, English speaking driving school in Warsaw?

delphiandomine 86 | 16,413    
28 Sep 2015  #91

That something is the devious nature of tests in Warsaw - a milieu which features lots of former SB officers, by the way.

Rubbish. I know plenty that have passed, and the fact that you're associating the WORD with the SB says that it's just another far-fetched conspiracy theory. Yes, it's difficult. Yes, you have to actually study (as opposed to memorising questions like in the UK test). Isn't that a good thing that people actually have to know the rules of the road?

If someone can't pass after 6 attempts, then they're clearly not fit to be on the road.

A classic happened today, when a friend refused to overtake when ordered to by the examiner ... as the car in front was doing 50 in a 50 zone. See the trap?

Bollocks. If it was true, then as all tests are filmed using 4 cameras (along with speed and other information) and a microphone, they could simply ask for a copy and the examiner would be in a world of trouble.

Is there no end to your PiS-approved fantasies?

Speaking of which, if they were doing 50 in a 50 zone, they were risking failing on that point alone. Any competent instructor will tell you that 50 is the limit, not the target, and that you should aim for around 45, but not slower than 42 and not more than 48.

Madlain - | 1    
23 Dec 2016  #92

You might be lucky or not, when it comes to the examiner, that's true, but still the most important thing is to actually learn to drive. To know all the rules as well as some practical catches for safe driving. For that you need a good teacher (and your husband is not one;)) I recommend GAZELKA driving school - they will teach you properly. My instructor managed to eradicate all my mistakes within a few lessons
11 Jan 2017  #93

I recommend GAZeLka too, the best possible choice. I feel safe and confident behind the wheel :) and I agree - if you know how to drive you'll pass the test, you should focus on learning how to drive properly rather than thinking just about passing the test.

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