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Driving test, English speaking driving school in Warsaw?

Ironside 46 | 8,658    
16 Nov 2010  #61


banks - so what ? business

Polish language info/signs/posters are everywhere in the UK & Ireland.

I would like a list of the places !

The only place

you are English, right ?

Teffle 22 | 1,321    
16 Nov 2010  #62

I would like a list of the places !

Sorry mate, couldn't be bothered but this extract should suffice:

...since at present almost everything in Ireland is translated to Polish already. In fact - Poles in Ireland don't have to speak English at all, because all information is available in Polish. Majority of Poles in Ireland mentally is still in Poland, they are in Ireland only 8 hours a day at work.

"Ireland from a Polish perspective"
Ironside 46 | 8,658    
16 Nov 2010  #63

"Ireland from a Polish perspective"

information is a different kettle of fish, I suppose it is a EU regulation and have something to do with a number of foreigners in said country,

I was thinking in a terms of public or road signs and such - which obviously is not the case, at last I think so!
Teffle 22 | 1,321    
16 Nov 2010  #64

Well public, yes, to an extent. Roadside no, I don't think so except for maybe tourist signage.
lowfunk99 9 | 383    
16 Nov 2010  #65

Where can I get a copy of the test prep in English?

I was told that since I already have a drivers license all I have to do is take the test.

Where does one take the test and what is the cost?
Leonard E    
24 Apr 2014  #66

Please is there anyone who knows where I can take lessons for category CE drivers license in English, I live in olsztyn but can also move to Warsaw if I find such school there... . Thanks
smurf 39 | 1,995    
24 Apr 2014  #67

I learned to drive here and my lessons were in Polish...I spoke very little Polish at the time, you can communicate thru gestures, most teachers are patient so you'll be fine.

The written exam can be done in English and when you do the proper driving exam you'll need a qualified translator.

The book that you learn the rules from is available in English, I think it was posted about on this forum already, or else you can find it on allegro.
13 Jul 2014  #68

Merged: English speaking driving school

is there an English speaking driving school in Warsaw?
5 Jan 2015  #69

Hello there,

Of course you can find a driving school for English speakers here in Warsaw,me myself i've found a good school for that purpose and the best thing is that you can pay by instalments (3 instalments of 500 zl each),the instructor was a nice guy,and the car was new (2014),so if you ask me i'd definitely recommend it (talking of a personal experience here),so if you want to check that out for yourself here's the website : ,too bad the website doesn't have an English version but don't worry there are phone numbers there so you can give it a shot :)

Hope this helped.

5 Jan 2015  #70

Hi everyone,
I heard that there is one really good driving school which provides courses in English in good price.
Check their web page for details - the name of the school is "RAJDOWIEC" DRIVING SCHOOL.
I think it's worth to try :)
24 Feb 2015  #71


I recommend the RAJDOWIEC school!
I'm an Asian but grew up in Warsaw, Poland but having attended an international school I never got to learn Polish properly.
So I had to look for an English driving school, and I came across this RAJDOWIEC school (

The instructor, Roman, is incredibly patient, funny, committed and caring.
He understands the needs of each individual student, and makes sure that the theory to national exam taking, and even the logistics are all worked out for you.

Check him out!!!! You won't regret it!!!
Dougpol1 25 | 1,715    
25 Feb 2015  #72

I doff my hat to anyone having no option but to take the driving test in Poland - including my daughter for one. Some things here are actually more sensible or better than life back in the UK.

This is not one of them.

The Polish ministry of transport =clowns, and to take one prime example, this reversing through cones nonsense is simply designed to be a wind-up, the whole process of learning to drive being designed to be yet another tax - mostly on parents.

The theory test is overly hard, and in the meantime new drivers speed at 90 km an hour through my residence of cheapside Gdynia. They haven't been ordered to behave.

Roger5 2 | 1,476    
25 Feb 2015  #73

Dougpol, I agree it's unnecessarily tough. I took my Polish test about fourteen years ago when it was simpler but still tricky. Who the hell tries to reverse into a parking space just bigger than the size of the car? I think they even have a mechanical element now. The days when the average driver could understand what went on under the bonnet/hood

are long gone.

3 instalments of 500 zl each

Wow! Expensive.
Harry 81 | 13,362    
25 Feb 2015  #74

I think I paid about 800zl for a driving course for my step-daughter (30 hours of theory and 30 hours of driving) and the regular price for that school is more like a thousand zloty. If you a course in English or Italian at that same school, it's 2,000 zloty
Dougpol1 25 | 1,715    
25 Feb 2015  #75

I think I paid about 800zl for a driving course for my step-daughter

I was trying to suggest that foreigners should avoid today's test if they can. I can't imagine for one moment that the UK test has gone anywhere near as hopelessly subjective as here.

Anyway, as far as success goes, was it here that I read that Mexico City is the place for an easy path to a driving licence? Are Mexicans allowed to drive in Europe? :) As opposed to Poland being ridiculous in many ways, in terms of fairness, to pass your test in, Mods :)

PS Not meant to be Chelsea racist comment!
26 Feb 2015  #76

I passed both theory and practical first time as a foreigner. The driving between the cones is actually quite useful, because it shows that you can control the car properly. It's actually based on physics, with the size of the 'arch' dependent upon the size of the car. Anyone that can control a car should be able to do it without any problems. More to the point, and what isn't often understood by learners, is that it also allows the examiner to see how you enter the car and make adjustments. Now, compare this to Germany, where a failure to enter the car correctly (yes, there's a specific technique that must be used to open the door) results in an automatic minor...
croggers 7 | 109    
26 Feb 2015  #77

I'm English and took my driving exam (in English) a year ago in GdaƄsk. I found the theory test to be pretty simple. One of the ladies at PORD told me which cd I should buy for practicing, 20zl new with about 2,000 questions. I just spent a few days going over them so by the time I took the exam I knew all the answers. I didn't have to do anything involving cones, and the only reversing I did was during that J bend at the exam centre. Although I passed my theory first time it took me a couple of tries to pass the practical.

If I can give advice to anyone, it would be just to chill out, do your best, and if you don't pass so what? Take the exam again :) It's not as though your life depends on passing first time ;) ( this is the advice I should've given myself as it's the most stressed out I've ever been in my life!)
Respect - | 16    
26 Feb 2015  #78

Hallo Croggers, can you tell me how and where I can buy or order the driving theory cds and questions.


croggers 7 | 109    
2 Mar 2015  #79

Here you go mate, this is the one I used. ( new version)
19 Mar 2015  #80


For those in Warsaw who are looking for an English speaking driving instructor, I'm from UK and I would recommend the RAJDOWIEC school, you can find more details here (

My overall experience with this driving school was great.

The instructor (Roman) speaks clear good English, he is a good teacher with an effective plan for each lesson and most importantly he is very PATIENT.

I'm certain you will be satisfied with the results.
14 Sep 2015  #81

You can't go past Rajdowiec for a place that will get you prepared for your test.

I was looking for someone who could speak English and get me through the minefield that is the Polish driving exam, and I found this guy called Roman. He seemed to have a few good reviews and the price was right, and sure enough he was everything that the others had said. Patient, knowledgeable... not to mention funny!

Simply the best. And yes, I passed...
delphiandomine 86 | 16,227    
14 Sep 2015  #82

Amusing spam ;) Wise to avoid the "Rajdowiec" school given that the two reviews above are obviously fake and written by the same person.

I'm from UK

I'm from the UK. A native speaker wouldn't make that mistake :)
jon357 69 | 13,309    
14 Sep 2015  #83

Wise to avoid the "Rajdowiec" school given that the two reviews above are obviously fake and written by the same person.

Fake as a snake. A very bad sign and it would make sense to avoid any business which tries a cheap trick like that.
InPolska 11 | 1,824    
14 Sep 2015  #84

It reminds me of all those self praising dental clinics ;). Good businesses even when not very known don't need to write messages in PF or other fora. They do put concrete ads for which they pay. Only the naives believe anything they see written.
16 Sep 2015  #85

Merged: Great Driving School for the Price

I had the opportunity to perform my driving course in Warsaw. At the beginning, it took me too long to be able to start a course due to the lack of correct information provided by the first schools I had contacted. I tried almost all the "English Speaking" driving school in Warsaw, and the only one who gave me a fast and accurate feedback was Roman from Rajdowiec School.

In the course, I was provided with all the necessary practical and theoretical knowledge, for the national driving examination.
Roman provides really interesting and important tips, that may sometimes make a difference during the examination. He provides you with the proper preparation, so you may feel comfortable while performing the exam.

I can gladly say, that it was really worth and as well, a great experience performing my driving course with Rajdowiec school. When, there is already confidence in your driving, Roman provides you as well, with good tips of small restaurants and cool places that you wouldn't probably know by yourself. He's a great touristic guide!

By the way, its an amazing value for the money.... Its the most attractive school for its price in the whole Warsaw!
jon357 69 | 13,309    
16 Sep 2015  #86

For someone called Allan, your English is pretty bad. In fact you're making exactly the same transference errors as a native speaker of Polish with high intermediate level English.

Fake advert.

Are they so stupid that they think anyone would believe this is a genuine review.

Avoid this company.
rozumiemnic 9 | 3,488    
16 Sep 2015  #87

lol that is so not an English speaker.
4/10 Allan, try harder next time..:)
Kennyboy 1 | 43    
16 Sep 2015  #88

Good one jon, transference errors, easy to spot.

Question for AllenZ (the English guy) What are the names of the Queens 4 children, you have 10 seconds. GO
Tartar 1 | 22    
16 Sep 2015  #89

Wouldn't mind doing CAT A \ Motorbike in Poland - Any suggestions for where to do it in Warsaw would be most welcomed?
(yes, it is taking your life in your hands with some Polish drivers, just always wanted to do it.)

Ref: CAT C - did an intensive driving course in Cardiff, Wales with Big Wheelers and they were excellent, they also do C+E

* Helpful note * If you are changing your license to Polish, you have to be careful as they can remove categories or give you more categories by mistake.

- Lost CAT D (Minibus) from my UK License initially on Polish license as they had an issue with the number of passengers that you can carry and had to copy the EU section for the local government and then they added it onto my new Polish license.
Varsovian 93 | 638    
28 Sep 2015  #90

Merged: Warsaw driving tests

They're a nightmare!
I know a few people who have given up after 6 test failures - I don't know anyone in the UK who took so many tests. Something doesn't add up. That something is the devious nature of tests in Warsaw - a milieu which features lots of former SB officers, by the way.

A classic happened today, when a friend refused to overtake when ordered to by the examiner ... as the car in front was doing 50 in a 50 zone. See the trap?

Anyway, a good driving instructor is: Jarek 609 043 076

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