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Up-to-date prices for Driving Lessons in English in Warsaw?

edwardmulhern 3 | 7
4 Jan 2014 #1
Hi All,
Just looking for some info on English driving Lessons in Warsaw. Judging from some of the older posts on this topic, the prices seem to jump around quite a bit. So if anyone has any current and up-to-date info it would be greatly appreciated. I've heard that the course usually includes 30 hours of lessons, theory test, medical test and translator on the test day, is this true? Thanks in advance for your help!

sobieski 106 | 2,118
4 Jan 2014 #2
Hi, if you have a valid driving license from another EU country, there is no need for that.
kpc21 1 | 763
4 Jan 2014 #3
30 hours of theoretical lessons and 30 hours of practical lessons in a car. But the hours of theory are counted as 1 hour = 45 minutes. In practical part - 1 hour = 60 minutes.

The course includes "internal" test, which is obligatory and checks if you are prepared to the real test passed in an office called WORD (Wojewódzki Ośrodek Ruchu Drogowego - Regional Road Traffic Centre). And after the last changes you must do the medical test before the course (you must have the results to enroll in) - usually it looks so that a doctor comes to the centre where you are going to have the course. Or they recommend a doctor at whom you can do it.

For the real exam you pay in WORD, after finishing the course.

I have no idea what can be prices of courses in English. Polish one costs about 1000-1200 PLN. The exam will cost 170 PLN + some money for the translator (only for a practical test, as far as I remember, the theoretical one has an English version and it would be difficult to have a translator in the examination room because of the need of silence).
19 Aug 2015 #4
I recently did a driver's course in English with Rajdowiec. They were the cheapest and the best by far. I completed the course in early August, 2015, and it was 1600 PLN.

I passed the test yesterday! Yeehaa...
11 Jan 2017 #5
I just passed the test (on the first attempt!) and can happily recommend GAZeLka - the best choice I could make. the course costs 1,990 PLN and it's worth it, really good instructor, explains everything and makes driving stress-free :)

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