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Cost of living in Wroclaw (rent price too)

12 Jan 2011 #1
Hi. My name is Amir 24 from Iran. I hold bachelor of Computer Science, and I plan to come to Wroclaw and continue my master degree in Wroclaw University of Technology.

My proficiency is web designing and web programming.
I'm have very flexible personality and I can easily match myself to new situation, But I think learning polish language will be a hard job for me! :(

1.I want to know what are the estimate cost of living in Wroclaw.
2.Is there any website that I can find information on rent price of flats in Wroclaw?
3.Can i found any job related to my proficiency in *English Language*?
4.Are there any racism behavior in Wroclaw exist?
5.If you think any other point that it may be useful for me please mention.

thank you.
wroclawx - | 2
4 Feb 2011 #2
1.I want to know what are the estimate cost of living in Wroclaw.
- Approx 1200-2000pln but all depends from standard this 1200-2000pln it would be for students

2.Is there any website that I can find information on rent price of flats in Wroclaw?
29 Mar 2011 #3
Merged: Cost of Living in Wroclaw (I got a job there)


I got a Job offer to work in Wroclaw and right now I'm not sure if I should take the Job, hence I think the Salary is quite low.

What would be a "good" salary in Poland? Maybe the offer is great and I underestimate it, hence I'm not sure about the expenses :)

How much do I need to life an "average" life with a Car, own Place close to the City, going out for Dinner etc.

What does e.g. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Beer, Groceries, Domestic Helper will cost in Wroclaw?

Is there somewhere a kind of a Tax-Calculator so that I would know how much my Netto-Salary is?

Where to live in Wroclaw ? My work would be located round about 4km west from the "rynek" and I wouldn't like to be too far away form work, hence I don't want to spent my whole day to come to work :)

Thanks already for your help
delphiandomine 88 | 18,322
29 Mar 2011 #4
How much do I need to life an "average" life with a Car, own Place close to the City, going out for Dinner etc.

For a foreigner who wants to live as a foreigner? About 10k brutto. That would leave you with about 7k netto, which would be about the minimum to do everything you want. However, 12-13k brutto would be more comfortable.

My opinion is that if you want to live comfortably in a Polish city, then about 7000zl netto is needed.

Of course, you can live with much less - but then you won't be running a car, having some sort of servant, etc.
30 Mar 2011 #5
what kind of car do you want to drive?

how much do you drink?

how much do you eat out?

how much do you travel?

generally, i'd say Delph has given you pretty solid numbers to go by but that all can change depending on how you want to live.
Stu 12 | 522
30 Mar 2011 #6
So ... MrJ, how much did they offer?
Wroclaw 44 | 5,384
30 Mar 2011 #7
My work would be located round about 4km west from the "rynek"

that would put u about here: strzegomska business park

if so, that would mean that the nearest possible housing would be one or two kms away.
30 Mar 2011 #8
thanks Delph, was reading plenty of forums and they all mention more like 5k netto would be already more then enough to have a "good" life but I found it really low. 7k sound more realistic.

I don't want to live again like a student. I'm over it ;)

And yes I know it all depends how much I want drink,eat,party,etc but there are more or less basic cost like rent,insurance,health care,transport, if that is already 90% of you salary then a "life" will get complicated if something unusual will happen.

don't be curious :) but it's not 12k otherwise I wouldn't even ask these question and just take the job ;)
30 Mar 2011 #9
MrJ wrote:

then a "life" will get complicated if something unusual will happen.

where are you from originally? have you ever lived abroad? how long is your contract in Wroclaw?

that will also influence how "complicated" it will get.
31 Mar 2011 #10
I'm German and since two years in South Africa. The Contract would have a probation of 3 month and after that it will be (more or less) permanent
hague1cmaeron 14 | 1,377
31 Mar 2011 #11
South Africa

Where is south Africa did you live?
2 Apr 2011 #12
delphiandomine 88 | 18,322
2 Apr 2011 #13
I don't want to live again like a student. I'm over it ;)

From what you say - 7k netto (10k brutto) should be your starting point. I wouldn't even bother with less - while it's perfectly possible, to live a reasonably decent life as a single person, you'll need that.
Yujung - | 2
4 Apr 2011 #14
However, 12-13k brutto would be more comfortable.
>>> Can I ask what kind of currency do you mention above? I am wonder if I get too low payment.
4 Apr 2011 #15

just out of curiosity... how much will be a domestic helper for once a week (2-3hours, cleaning, washing, ironing... )

the currency will be PLN (zloty)
merchant - | 1
27 Jun 2011 #16
Merged: Wroclaw life (cost of living, rent, food, transport)

Hi there,
Can someone in Wroclaw give me an idea of living costs in the city (rent, food, transport)?

27 Jun 2011 #17

Average monthly rent for a 2 room apartment in a medium-class zone:
1600-2000 Zloty (PLN)

Average monthly rent for one room in a medium-class zone:
450-600 Zloty (PLN)

Single bus, metro or other urban transport ticket:
1.20 or 2.40 Zloty (PLN)

Cup of cofee/tea in a cafe:
oct-15 Zloty (PLN)

Lunch in a medium standard restaurant:
25-50 Zloty (PLN)

Dinner in a medium standard restaurant:
20-45 Zloty (PLN)
Wroclaw Boy
27 Jun 2011 #18
Beer about 3 PLN from the shop and anything between 5-9 PLN for most bars.
jwojcie 2 | 763
27 Jun 2011 #19
cinema ticket~20 - 30 PLN
theater ticket~ 30 - 50 PLN
aquapark: 20 PLN one hour
regural swimming pool~10-15 PLN one hour
concerts~10 - 100 PLN
canoe :-) ~ 12 PLN one hour
strawberries~6 PLN was the lowest bid, but the season is toward the end...
beckski 12 | 1,617
19 Aug 2011 #21
concerts~10 - 100 PLN

Sounds like quite a bargain, in comparison to other types of entertainment.
25 Aug 2011 #22
Merged: Cost of living in Wroclaw, Poland.

Hi I got a job offer in poland and my salary is not yet discussed. Am planning to ask 3500 us dollars which is 10000 pln. Is this sufficient for a family man like me to live.

Also, how much can we save after all expenses. We are from mediocre family.
If you could guve the details like rent, grossery expenses, electricity etc etc charges per mingh so that I can calculate.

Many thanks guys
cinek 2 | 347
25 Aug 2011 #23
There's a nice button on the top of the page: "Search". There were many questions like this in this forum and I'm sure you'll find all the answers yourself.

25 Aug 2011 #24
Thanks Cinek for your suggestion......i already did that, but searches are giving different answers...some say 3k pln is enough, some say 7 k is enough.....

but am not able to find a proper answer.....For a family person (me and my wife) like me, with a average expenses (not posh, bcoz we were born and broughtup in a middle class family) like grossery, telephone, electricity, water etc.....somethings which are essential for a "above middle class family but not rich family".....

am being offered by a poland IT company in Wroclaw and still the salary negotiations are going on......planning to ask 3500 USD....i beleive its 10k PLN...

so am requesting you to provide some info on that......

Also, how much i can save if my salary is 10K PLN... how much i will get in hand after tax......and how much i can save ...avg numbers are okay...

Appreciate your help.....hope you guys will welcome me in your home land..... :-)
peter_olsztyn 6 | 1,098
26 Aug 2011 #25
hope you guys

Olsztyn, 190K inhabitants, 15km in diameter, 14 lakes in council area, one big employer Michelin

1300zł common salary
2500zł good salary
5000zł dream job
10000zł sci-fi
Krishh2012 1 | 1
14 Jan 2012 #26
Merged: Cost of Living in Wroclaw for a Family with one kid?

Hi All,

I am negotiating an offer with the company in wroclaw, could you please advise the cost of living for a consevative family?

Grocery & Vegetables per month

Telephone, Internet, Electricity, water & Transport

Rent per month for 1 Bed Room flat near to market square.

Websites related to Grocery Purchase & Electronic house hold goods.

Appreciate your help.
noreenb 7 | 557
14 Jan 2012 #27
Racism exists in foreigners eyes opinion.
Mostly. At least.
You can meet with strange people behaviour everywhere.
Mosts of these fears will be just in your imagination.
i hope you will get soon a chance for a great job.
Apple 1 | 3
21 Jul 2012 #28
Merged: Living costs in Wroclaw?!


we will be moving to Wroclaw in the autumn and would be happy to get some information on:

1. Housing costs (minimum 4 rooms since we are a family of 5)
2. Monthly service fees - Internet, tv, cell service, power, water, trash, and so on.
3. Food/living - Grocery shopping, eating out etc.
4. Private health insurance

Thanks in advance.

21 Jul 2012 #29
Hi, most of the information you want is already covered in other threads, so you'll be able to find it far more quickly by using the search engine than by waiting for replies here. One thing that appears to be missing from your list is education / child care, what are you planning to do about that?
DarkDecorum - | 2
12 Aug 2012 #30
Merged: Need help please!

Hey everyone! On Tuesday I am visiting Wroclaw for a week and I am wondering how the prices of everything are??
For example, food, drink? What is expensive/inexpensive? As I am used to Euro, I am confused on how much I would need to enjoy myself for the week!


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