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Community Gardening and Supplies in Warsaw

JaynGarrick 10 | 16
25 Mar 2012 #1
I'm moving to the city center, from not-exactly-the-city-center (Pl Zbawiciela), and my flat is tiny but it's my own and I love it. The trouble is, I love gardening, and I have several plants I'm growing indoors (sunflowers, lavender, ferns, coriander, begonias, and aloe) but I was wondering if there was a community gardening project for planting trees, bushes, etc.

If there isn't one, how could one be started here in Warsaw?

Thanks :)
blyskawica 1 | 4
30 May 2013 #2
[Moved from]: Industrial and Gardening Supplies in Warsaw?

Hello I live in Warsaw.

I want to care for this garden that I have an in order to do so I need many supplies.

I know that rakes and shovels can be found at OBI or at Leroy Mirlin.

I was wondering where I could find some other items and what they are called.

200L plastic barrels that are safe for food storage and potable drinking water. - How do I get information about barrels for free or barrels for cheap. I know some of this stuff can be purchased on Allegro but I want to make connections in this city as well. I won't be able to do that shopping online. These would be used for rain water for the garden.

I am also wondering where in Warsaw in the best place for gardening supplies. I am talking real supplies like drip irrigation, bricks, building materials... I guess a place better than Leroy Merlin.

I also need a good used bike. Is there a place in Warsaw that sells used tools and things? I am not on a budget I just don't want to buy anything new.
Wroclaw 44 | 5,384
30 May 2013 #3
200L plastic barrels that are safe for food storage and potable drinking water.

possibly: Castorama.
30 May 2013 #4
blyskawica 1 | 4
30 May 2013 #5
yeah but what are those barrels even called in Polish. I would rather have what is called an "IBC Tank" but I don't know what that is called in Polish either.

like this,kontenery-ibc-kons,HBXK.html
Looker - | 1,134
15 Nov 2014 #6
Recently, an interesting initiative of the contest in Warsaw emerged:

In the Society of Friends of Warsaw (TPW) was born newly the idea of reintroducing the cult "Warsaw in flowers and greenery" contest, whose tradition dates back to the interwar period. It's about encouraging residents to beautify balconies, backyards and home gardens, and reporting them to the horticultural beauty contest. Objective - more greenery and improving the aesthetics of the city. This was once a prestigious and very popular event, but recently seemed old-fashioned. It was equated with retirees community, because still the same circle took part in it. In addition, award-winning facilities sometimes aroused aesthetic controversy and therefore belied the desirability of of the contest. So when I heard about the refreshed formula and the need to transfer the original idea of the competition to the younger generations, the hope sprout in my heart...

Check out yet the Facebook fanpage of this contest:

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