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Bratwurst Boy 12 | 11,815
11 Mar 2010 #211
How about me, huh??? are a MATE!!!! ;)

And to end this topic people like Mediawatch are asking for it! I wouldn't wonder if he gets laughed at more often than other peoples during his crusade! ;):):):)

*goes looking for another polish joke to annoy MW*
Trevek 26 | 1,700
11 Mar 2010 #212
What is it with expats and people of long ago Polish decent being more nationalistic that real Poles?

It's quite a common phenomenon amongst any migrant/ex-pat community.

I mean, how often have you seen a 'real' Irishman wearing leprechaun outfits and singing Danny Boy whilst drinking green Guinness, but all around the world people seem to think it's a way of proclaiming their 'irishness' every march 17th.

Same as Scots. Most Scots I've known have never owned a kilt or spoken Gaelic, but the migrants (myself included) thrive on it (although I don't speak Gaelic).

It's almost like a kind of in-built inferiority complex about 'am I a REAL ....... (insert nationality)? It produces a kind of hyper-national identity.'

It's often a case when a community is moved 'back' into a country (like Greeks being moved from Turkey in 1920's, or Turks from Bulgaria and Greece.) The incoming population are often viewed a little askew by the residents so they become hyper. Often they are relocated in border areas, where they are able to defend their 'motherland'.
11 Mar 2010 #213
beelzebub wrote:

What is it with expats and people of long ago Polish decent being more nationalistic that real Poles? You haven't even BEEN to are several generations removed apparently... yet you have an obsession with this one obscure idea. It is abnormal.

gotta agree with you there. it's even stronger with the Italian community. never been to Italy, don't speak a word of Italian, neither do their parents and maybe not even their grandparents, yet they have Italian flag stickers on their cars and proclaim, "I'm Italian!!".

it stems from people being raised in a country that essentially does not have it's own "culture". I've often said that America doesn't really have a true "culture", but a conglomerate of all cultures. As an American, if you have Polish blood, German blood, Greek blood, you're still raised speaking English, an American doesn't even have the language connection to their ancestry, so what happens is people reach for it in other ways. It's an identity thing. People constantly search for their identity, not just through ancestry and in America because of the dichotomy of the country, this behavior is very prevalent.

americans often times talk about their ancestry as if they know something about it, but to me, it's the same as Europeans talking about America as if they know the place, yet they've never spent a significant amount of time living there, or they have never been there at all.
beelzebub - | 444
11 Mar 2010 #214
I don't understand this need to have an "Identity". Just be who you are. Dressing yourself up as a Pole when you don't speak Polish, haven't lived in or even BEEN to Poland, have real Poles 5 gen all seems to desperate as if that is going to make you happy or fill in some void. How about be an American or a Canadian or whatever you truly are and not try to create a character out of the past.
Bratwurst Boy 12 | 11,815
11 Mar 2010 #215
I don't understand this need to have an "Identity". Just be who you are.

What are you???
czar 1 | 143
11 Mar 2010 #216
its called the napolean complex, for italians anyway, ww2 is one generation away and nobody wants to forget that more than europe, but for those americans who fought to defend europe from itself they will never forget. this site is full of the british isles on it and please remember that you all are not welcome in america nor europe, thus explains your need to point fingers at everyone but yourselves.
PolishNutjob 1 | 74
11 Mar 2010 #217
... There were a couple token episodes of "All in the Family" which portrayed the Polish character Michael Stivic in a positive way, but most of the episodes he's portrayed as a Slob and in almost every show Archie Bunker kept calling him "A meathead dumb Polack" ...

The simple fact is that Polak Michael Stivic was the quintessential meathead, as evidenced in the video below. Stivic's behavior is reprehensible. Shame on him.

Shame, shame.
Softsong 5 | 494
11 Mar 2010 #218
Yes, Skysoulmate, many of the old Polish jokes in this country (USA), have now become either redneck jokes or blonde jokes. I happen to be blessed by being a both a blonde and have Polish ancestry.

Best thing I can do is smile and ignore it, or crack another ethnic joke right back! :->

It is kind of like when you are in school and being picked on. If you get too upset, you get picked on more. Yes, sometimes you do have to stand up for yourself against the bullies, but a lot of times all you need to do is show you could care less.

Trevek and Fuzzywickets, I believe you are right about the reason behind such fierce ethnic identity in America. Good logic. :-)

And personally, I always thought Archie came off looking like the jerk. He put down everyone! Edith (the dingbat according to Archie), deserved a medal for patience and devotion.
papagarth 3 | 20
11 Mar 2010 #219
someone early on gave the correct reason why there are (anti) Polish jokes, and until recently, one might note, there have been Irish and Italian jokes. Personally, I've not heard nor seen any Polish jokes in years. I can say that, for all that, I have also not seen 'Kiss Me I'm Polish " t-shirts, which to me is commendable of the Polish people - if such disgusting displays of 'superior desireability' is even the choice of those claiming to be so worthy of kissing.

Insulting others, especially in a rude and vulgar (dead common) manner, is not a sign of ones better nature. Insults do hurt, but insulting back only makes one look bad. 'Water of a ducks back ', when possible, is the best responce.
czar 1 | 143
11 Mar 2010 #220
beelzebub is a westernized assimilated atheist slash arab in england with a military background who drinks cider and trolls polish forums instead of getting laid or suicide bombing
MediaWatch 10 | 945
11 Mar 2010 #221
And to end this topic people like Mediawatch are asking for it!

No actually I don't get laughed at at all when I tell people I'm Polish and I tell people about the origin of subhuman intelligence jokes about Polish people. In fact they respect me and appreciate the information I share with them.

But of course a GERMan like you would love to find subhuman intelligence jokes about Polish people and highlight them since that takes attention away from the awful, sick, evil nature of you GERMans and your history of killing millions of Polish people and other East Europeans. You as a GERMan want to demean and dehumanize Polish people since it would make all the EVIL GERMan murders of Polish people seem "not that bad" since Polish people according to you are "subhuman afterall".

Its no accident that the word "Shaudenfruede" is a GERMan word since it means "taking pleasure at the misfortune of others". This is what you as a GERMan are all about since you as a GERMan can only feel better about your GERMan self by loving the misfortune of Polish people as being portrayed as being inferior and having subhuman intelligence which was started by the Anti-Polish Left-wing TV media in Hollywood in the 1960's and 70's that was taken from your Nazi propaganda about Polish people as having subhuman intelligence.

Just remember not long ago I tried to be nice to you and I said to you that I liked German people since I see how hyper ethno-centric you are about being GERMan.

BUT DESPITE THAT, that didn't stop you from jumping on the Anti-Polish bandwagon on this thread and pushing a NAZI GERMan PROPAGANDA link about the "powerful GERMan army" (WHICH WAS HELPED TREMENDOUSLY BY RUSSIA AS PER THE MOLOTOV RIBBENTROP PACT - GERMans NEVER were successful at invading Poland WITHOUT RUSSIA's TREMENDOUS HELP SINCE GERMans by themselves are COWARDS) and "GERMan superiority" at the expense of Polish people. All you evil GERMans care about is this sick crap about "inferiority and superiority"

But since you GERMans are in love with the notion of how "superior" you GERMans are relative to the Polish people, just remember that as of WWII you GERMans had over 70 million ethnic GERMans while Poland had only 25 million ethnic Poles with a population of 32 million people.

TODAY GERMany has 80 million people with about 16 million NON-GERMans who basically hate GERMans. The millions of Turks in your country hate your GERMan guts and want to destroy GERMany from within! LOL. Poland today has about 40 million people with about 98% of them being Polish.

Also over 21% of the ETHNIC GERMan population are OLD FARTS over age 65!! About 1/3 of the youth in GERMany are NON-GERMans and they HATE YOU EVIL GERMans!!! LOL Ha ha ha ha ha

WHERE IS THAT "MIGHTY GERMan army today"?? Do you know MOST of the GERMan army today is FAT and out of shape??? So much for the "Mighty GERMans"" You are just all genetic fat evil White trash just like your GERMan fuerher Hitler!! You couldn't invade a wet paper bag!! The Turks in your country are invading you OLD WHITE TRASH GERMans from within your country!! LOL!!!!!!

In the US you GERMans are about 50 million people yet you have NO POWER despite that huge population. You are TOO WEAK TO CONTROL A GARBAGE CAN!

You GERMans even today LOVE HITLER and depravity as shown by the Pro-GERMan rock band Rammstein"

Bratwurst's FAVORITE GERMan!
Bratwurst Nazi boy's GERMans love putting humans on leashes and other GERMan depravity
Bratwurst's GERMan Nazis Rammstein like putting snakes on women and putting children in cages. What SICK EVIL GERMan MONSTERS

Also I think its laughable when people on this thread say Bratwurst Nazi Boy is not such a bad guy since he never said anything about supporting Hitler. WOW maybe this GERMan should get a gold medal for that! LOL

We all know that if Hilter won the war, guys like BratwurstNaziBoy would be the first to say HE SUPPORTS HITLER AND THAT HITLER WAS A WONDERFUL GUY.


Since this topic is all about JOKES

Lets see what BratwurstNaziBoy's GERMan relatives said about JEWS in the POPULAR GERMan movie


This video/movie is played widely by MILLIONS OF GERMans TODAY and GERMans TODAY LOVE to LAUGH AT THE JEWS IN THIS FAVORITE GERMan movie about Jews

I was watching Geraldo Rivera on TV and he showed how MANY GERMans TODAY LAUGH AT HOW Jews are portrayed in this POPULAR GERMan movie "The eternal Jew"

GERMans Americans who I know say they secretly LOVE this movie and they LAUGH THEIR ASSESS OFF at how Jews are portrayed as rats in this movie!

I'm sure Bratwurstboy and all his GERMan relatives laugh like hell at this GERMan movie as it pokes fun at the Jews as being rats!!! The Wall Street Journal and the New York Times report how MOST GERMans TODAY SECRETLY LOVE THIS MOVIE about "funny rat Jews".

Bratwurstboy's SECRET favorite movie about Jews. I'm sure he laughs hard at the "funny rat Jews in this popular GERMan movie"

Hey the GERMans were the first to "poke fun at people". Nothing like GERMans poking fun at Jews, RIGHT Beezelbub??????

This video has gone VIRAL among people of GERMan ancestry!!!


OH BOY nothing like good ol ethnic Jokes like these GERMans are champs of!!! Right Beezelbub???????????????
Bratwurst Boy 12 | 11,815
11 Mar 2010 #222
Why should I laugh at Jews? I have you to laugh at....;)
MediaWatch 10 | 945
11 Mar 2010 #223


WHY did you proud GERMans make these anti-semitic movies about the Jewish people?


Was it part of your genetic GERMan SICK NEED to FEEL "superior" at other ethnic groups???

Geraldo Rivera has reported that MANY MANY of you people of GERMan ancestry love these movies about Jews and that you love to laugh at the Jews in these POPULAR GERMan movies. Nothing like GERMans poking fun at Jews right????

Do you GERMans have some kind of mental illness which makes you want to make fun of other ethnic groups, that you enjoyed murdering, like this so that you can feel "superior" about your sick white trash selves?

ADMIT IT YOU AS A GERMan laughed hard at these GERMan movies about Jews.
Bratwurst Boy 12 | 11,815
11 Mar 2010 #224
ADMIT IT YOU AS A GERMan laughed hard at these GERMan movies about Jews.

Nope...I only laugh about you!
MediaWatch 10 | 945
11 Mar 2010 #225
What's BratwurstNaziBoy's favorite drink?


Because it reminds him of the millions of innocent people his demonic people murdered.
MediaWatch 10 | 945
11 Mar 2010 #227
Well of course that's why you GERMans LOVED HITLER so much!

Can't wait until the Muslims take over Berlin XD

You GERMans are being eaten alive by the Turks in your country.

Today you GERMans are just a bunch of pussies. Your GERMan demographics are deteriorating. Most of you GERMans are old farts and most of the youth in GERMany HATE your EVIL GERMan guts and can't wait to bomb you ugly block head Nazi Krauts. XD

Where is that "superior" GERMan????

Your army is made up of a bunch of white trash fat slobs.

You GERMans are the BIGGEST ethnic group in America yet you don't control a GARBAGE CAN!!! LOL

When will BratwurstGERMan boy explain why his people made these sick movies about Jews?

Well the fact that BratwurstNaziGERMan boy won't explain why his proud GERMan people made these deranged movies just shows us how Geraldo Rivera is correct when he says that most people of GERMan ancestry are secretly proud of these GERMan movies and enjoy them very much in the privacy of their GERMan homes.
Bratwurst Boy 12 | 11,815
11 Mar 2010 #228
Is this Riveira guy your lover MW? You are talking mightily often about him... Apropos, did you know this one already?
MediaWatch 10 | 945
11 Mar 2010 #229
Oh boy here is a continuation of the BRATWURSTNaziGERMan comedy tour!!!

Please Bratwurstboy, these are YOUR PROUD GERMan people who made this proud GERMan movie about Jews being funny for being ugly and funny for "not liking to work like Aryan people"

Since you're such a comedian, maybe a proud Germ an like you can explain WHY you Germans made these movies about Jews?

According to Geraldo Rivera, MANY people of German ancestry laugh at these German movies about Jews. I know you do as a German.

Please explain to us why that is?
Bratwurst Boy 12 | 11,815
11 Mar 2010 #230
Please explain to us why that is?

We like to laugh? But we really prefer jokes about you! Like this one!
MediaWatch 10 | 945
11 Mar 2010 #231
BratwurstBoys video he secretly laughs at along with his Nazi family.

Geraldo Rivera said many people of GERMan ancestry love to laugh at this movie.

Especially the part where Germans compare Jews to rats. Lots of laughs there among Germans.
Bratwurst Boy 12 | 11,815
11 Mar 2010 #232
Lots of laughs there among Germans.

Did they just tell a MediaWatch-joke?
MediaWatch 10 | 945
11 Mar 2010 #233
When will Bratwurst boy explain to us why his proud German people said such horrible things about Jews in these videos?

I'm wondering how many people people in Bratwurstboy's family killed innocent people in WWII knowing how sick his people are, as these videos show.


Bratwurstboys silence on explaining this is deafening.

Bratwurst is SILENT on explaining the sick demonic hatred of this German people in these videos because deep down he agrees with the lunacy and hatred of these videos.

When you are a PROUD Nazi GERMan like BratwurstBoy, it is FORBIDDEN that you EVER CRITICIZE THE GERMan hatred and madness that is behind these videos since he AGREES WITH IT!
Juche 9 | 292
11 Mar 2010 #234
Poles have to be the only culture around that can't laugh at themselves.

they do all the time, they just hate it when others do it.
Bratwurst Boy 12 | 11,815
11 Mar 2010 #235
When will Bratwurst boy explain to us why his proud German people said such horrible things about Jews in these videos?

Oooooooor...I just can't watch them in Germany? Because all I got is:

Dieses Video ist in deinem Land aufgrund eines Verstoßes gegen die Nutzungsbedingungen nicht verfügbar.

But don't let that little detail stop you! ;)

"mooo....moooo....mooo" :):):)

But here a video link everybody can see hopefully, a Pole telling polish jokes! WHAT A JEW HATING NAZI!!!

MediaWatch 10 | 945
11 Mar 2010 #236
Bratwurst boy when are you going to answer why GERMans made these videos about Jews?

Bratwurst Boy 12 | 11,815
11 Mar 2010 #237
Is there a Media-Watch joke in them somewhere???
MediaWatch 10 | 945
11 Mar 2010 #238

Its a simple question,

WHY did you GERMans make these videos about Jews?????????

Bratwurst Boy 12 | 11,815
11 Mar 2010 #239
Umm...don't tell me you are really that stupid and dumb, don't you! I would feel bad making fun of a retard...that's just not fair.

I'm speaking more slowly now, yes?


Dieses Video ist in deinem Land aufgrund eines Verstoßes gegen die Nutzungsbedingungen nicht verfügbar.

Did I really had fun all this time at the cost of a mentally challenged??? Then I apologize!

...I never believed in all these jokes...till I met MediaWatch that is....
MediaWatch 10 | 945
11 Mar 2010 #240
Yeah Brattyworstboy, my ass you can't see them "in Germany"

That's why you reacted the way you did to them LOL

I thought you said you were in America anyway lol

BoldItalic [quote]
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