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Cheapest Way to Ship a Big Box from Krakow to Barcelona ?

superuser1999 12 | 41
8 Nov 2014 #1
I have to ship a big moving box around 25 KG from Krakow Poland to Barcelona Spain.

Does anyone know the cheapest way to do this ?

gumishu 12 | 6,086
8 Nov 2014 #2
I have checked one of the parcel services - - they claim to be cheap - but shipping your box according to them will cost you circa 300 PLN (they have an online calculator)

check other parcel services - DHL, UPS, FedEx
OP superuser1999 12 | 41
8 Nov 2014 #3
ok thanks! What about the Polish Postal Service ? Are they any good ?
jon357 71 | 20,403
8 Nov 2014 #4
See threads here on them - they are not good, though less likely to steal something going out rather than coming in. About the Spanish postal service, anybody's guess. Also, the charges for sending 25kg to Spain will be high.
gumishu 12 | 6,086
8 Nov 2014 #5
there used be an alternative before - I used it to ship a parcel from London to Gdańsk back in 2004 - Polish coach companies used to allow shipment of parcels that then had to be picked up by someone at the arrival of the coach

I checked that there are direct coaches from Kraków to Barcelona - maybe you should talk to the drivers - the Sindbad coach departs two times a week (saturdays and wednesdays) at 11 o'clock from here: KRAKÓW, Dworzec MDA, ul. Bosacka 18

or you can call Sindbad infoline 801 22 33 44 - they should talk English on the infoline - and ask if they accept parcel shipments
OP superuser1999 12 | 41
8 Nov 2014 #6
about the package, there really isn't much valuable in it, just clothes and books... so maybe the Polish Postal service is the cheapest way.....?
jon357 71 | 20,403
8 Nov 2014 #7
It might be worth weighing up which items are more easily replaceable and which of them you feel you really need.
8 Nov 2014 #8
I had money and parcels send by the Poczta Polska and I never had any problems. On their site they say:
149 zl for 20 kg and 89 for up to 6. So you'd have to send 2. That is with confirmation that the parcel was received
Looker - | 1,121
8 Nov 2014 #10
145PLN for 1 package up to 30kg from Poland to Spain

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