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mysterious1 1 | 1
14 Aug 2010 #1
Desperately searching for the name of a polish cartoon that i wached in China in the 1980s. It is about a boy and a grandfather who work with gadgets. They face a problem and then a balloon pops up as an idea for the boy and he resolves the problem. It had wonderful background score as well. Please let me know.
jablko - | 106
14 Aug 2010 #2
You're talking about this??? Pomyslowy Dobromir.

OP mysterious1 1 | 1
16 Aug 2010 #3
Thanks a million got it finally!!!
28 May 2011 #4
Merged: Old cartoon (Pomysłowy Dobromir?)

Hello, I recently saw a very interesting cartoon which I believe was polish.
I have contacted the tv station I saw it in but haven't had a reply yet so I thought I could ask here.

The cartoon had several episodes. It was of a boy living with his grandpa and sister in a farm. In each episode the grandpa would do some heavy job and the boy would think up inventions(real ones) to make these jobs much easier. I distinctively remember the boy using a magnet and wires to produce electricity and then use a windmill to make the whole process automated. I hope this might help.

It was pretty old from what I can tell from the art. It probably was at least older than the 80s.

Here's hoping someone can help.
Thanks in advance.
28 May 2011 #5
I can only recall a cartoon about a boy who had a magic pencil and draw inventions which came to a life. It was called Zaczarowany ołówek.
28 May 2011 #7
Pomysłowy Dobromir
This is probably a later adaptation of what I saw. I remember the bird character but the design is much different than what I recall.

Still it's a good lead, I will eventually find the episodes I was looking for.

Thanks a bunch.
mafketis 23 | 7,882
28 May 2011 #8
Here's Pomysłowy Dombromir

and Zaczarowany ołówek

Two completely different cartoons. IINM the episodes with the girl (sister? cousin?) are later. The earlier episodes it's just Domrobmir, the Grandfather and the bird. I like the earlier episodes better.

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