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Car wash in Wroclaw - no brushes, please

JaBa 1 | 1
21 Jan 2013 #1

In Wroclaw, is there any car wash machine that would wash only with water sprays, "touchless"?

I have used the selfservice stations before, but now during winter would prefer using machine.

Wroclaw Boy
21 Jan 2013 #2
Theres one behind the Hotel Bielany.,Wroc%C5%82aw,+Poland&cid=0,0,18151848920564356314&ei=nfb8UNLfEIWa0QWljYDgDA&ved=0CM8BEPwSMA A
airmaro - | 6
21 Jan 2013 #3
I dont where them are, but i can recomend car wash at metalowców street, it is located close to "halma" car service.

They wash car for 25pln, inside is warm.
OP JaBa 1 | 1
21 Jan 2013 #4
Thank you for replies, it is more like this what I am looking for example in Youtube, see

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