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How can I get Canal+? Will I need a satellite dish?

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29 Aug 2014 #1

Thanks in advance for any help!

I am a big football fan and want to be able to watch the Premier League on my TV. When I moved in to my flat, there was an aerial wire sticking out the wall, through which I get quite a few channels at the moment, but no Canal+.

I don't want to get a contract, but rather a pay as you go deal, which I believe is possible, but not certain. I've been looking at TV decoder boxes online, but without speaking very good Polish yet, I rely on Google Translate to understand what the website says - which isn't great. I have found these two, which seem to enable me to pick up Canal+, which include one month free to start (if I have understood it properly), after which time I can pay monthly.

Here are the links to the two:

Firstly, would I be right in thinking I can pay monthly (and get a month free). And secondly, and more importantly, how do I connect it? As I mentioned, my TV is currently connected to an aerial which comes out the wall, would this work, or would I need to buy a separate satellite dish - and, if so, is it easy to connect?

Thanks again for any help!

p.s. I have tried watching online, and this isn't reliable - just in case anyone was thinking of suggesting that - which is why I want to do it properly.
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29 Aug 2014 #2
You have two options:

The easiest way would be to have cable tv witch canal + premium channels - but cable isn't available everywhere - it depends on the area.

Satellite dish - online purchase here: - you get promo dish for just 1PLN when buying online,
purchase in one of the NC+ providers in the country:

is it easy to connect?

If it's your first time mounting/installing satellite dish it may be little trouble, but it's doable. You may ask a neighbor who owns a satellite to give you a hand. You need window from south side to mount it. Details are provided here:

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