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Where can I buy a used car / bike in Lodz?

Paritosh 10 | 62
10 Mar 2014 #1
Hello everyone,

I would like to know about where can I buy car or bike in Łódź?
also, which would be better option, I can understand the needs, but since I am living alone here , so I am kind of confused..

I have heard when buying car one has to be really cautious as few car sellers buy cars which had severe accidents, repair and sell them..

kpc21 1 | 763
11 Mar 2014 #2
Car exchange every Sunday on Puszkina street, between Przybyszewskiego and Dąbrowskiego. There are used bikes there too.

But I think the cheapest would be to find an offer on the Internet, and buy the car from its owner.

About this cautiousness - you are right. Best would be to have a mechanic you could trust and check the car at him - but I suppose you don't have such opportunities. And check if the car hasn't been stolen (I think the police should be able to check it for you if you give them the VIN number).

Look for cars which didn't have any accidents ("bezwypadkowy") - and neccessarily ask the seller if the car really had no accidents.

What is better - bike or car - it depends. On bike you don't wait in traffic jams, it's fastest for short distances (especially in the centre), but it's hard to use it in winter.

In a car you will probably meet some congestion problems (especially because of big road works in the city centre now - Mickiewicza and Piłsudskiego street is closed for cars) and you will have to pay for parking in the centre, but it's much more comfortable. And it's more difficult to steal it.

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