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Where can I buy and have Plexiglass cut in Krakow?

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3 Jun 2014 #1
I have a pending home project that requires a few pieces of plexiglass - including two pieces with a diagonal cut. I realize Castorama, Obi, etc. carry this product, but I'm not sure they are able to cut it. If they are, I doubt they are able to make diagonal cuts (since they don't do this with wood).

Anyway, does anyone have experience with shops around Krakow that sell and cut plexiglass? I own some rudimentary power tools, but I've never attempted to work with pg before - I will be brave enough to drill some holes, but I prefer to leave the cutting to the experts. Any and all constructive input would be greatly appreciated - thanks!
3 Jun 2014 #2
One option would be to buy desired plexiglass for example in Castorama and give it to cut to the "Laser Craft" company. They cut plexi with laser (30mm maximum plexiglass thickness).

Laser Craft
Vetulaniego 1A
31-227 Kraków
phone: 012 420-00-51 - sorry but the site is in Polish
inkrakow 1 | 98
4 Jun 2014 #3
Try also Workshop Laser & Fab on pl. Szczepanski - they might be able to help.

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