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Where to buy big shoe sizes (in Krakow)?

ElProfundo 2 | -
9 Jan 2016 #1
Hi everyone.
Moving to Krakow in a couple of weeks.
One problem though. I'm traveling light, so I'm gonna need to buy some additional clothes and shoes on the spoth. Clothes are not that difficult to get, but my shoe size is USD 14/ EUR 48.5 (EUR 48 may be small, EUR 49 may be large). Been to Poland and Krakow several times before, visited some shopping malls, never seen my size of shoes. Any suggestions?
kpc21 1 | 763
9 Jan 2016 #2
In Deichmann they usually have something of the big sizes.
cjj - | 281
10 Jan 2016 #3
In my opinion it's a bit of a nightmare - or a lottery - depending on your frame of mind. I'm in a similar position with my own size (female EUR 42) and my 12 y/o son's size (EUR 46). From my experience, if you're lucky, Deichmann (or C&C) will have 1 or 2 pairs of something. Similarly, Decathlon might also have something. But only if you're there around the time when new stock comes in. (I even noticed a pair of (allegedly) EUR 49s on one visit to Decathlon but I'm not sure if they were really as big as advertised...)

I've tried TKMaxx also but it's random by its nature.
Some stores such as Rylko stock larger sizes depending on some whim I don't understand (a store in Mall X offered me 6 pairs of German shoes to choose from, in Mall Y they said they never stocked anything larger than a 40)

Clarkes - a favourite from the UK - doesn't stock ladies over 40 (in any local Polish store I've tried) - but I haven't yet tried there for men's shoes.

So - I'd recommend you think carefully about economizing on shoes ... how about mailing them on ahead ?
10 Jan 2016 #4
how about mailing them on ahead ?

I think that is probably the OP's best bet to be honest.

Here is a link to a Polish online store which does have a few pairs of shoes and one pair of trainers in sizes 48 and 49. No half sizes though I'm afraid.

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