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Boy and girl names for mixed race baby, any suggestions?

Angela88 1 | -
23 Nov 2011 #1
I'm Polish and my fiance is African American. I thought it would be neat to have a name which shows both cultures. I'm not sure if we're going to have a boy or a girl but will hopefully be able to find out within a month.

I've always liked unique names!

Thanks for reading, and/or posting your suggestions <3

Natasa 1 | 572
23 Nov 2011 #2
Sarah (Princess, higher ranked women in Jewish world, Biblical name, existing in other confessions) and Adam (Man), serious suggestion.

And just having fun after serious ideas, don't take it personally, just trying to entertain myself and perhaps one more soul...:)

Second suggestion, not serious:

Natasha!!!!! :)) Natalia (I noticed that name for some unknown reason is popular among African Americans) and Ice Daddy :))

For the boy you have complete alphabet and permutations given by usual two letter acronyms if you are in US will be kids destiny :D So, it is P= n x ...(n - k +1) = 26 x 25 = 650 Choose wise... ;)))

Romans were known for total lack of creativity in naming their kids, giving the number of the birth order as a personal name, for example, Primus, Secundus, or Hairy (Ceasar), Heavy (Brutus).....practical.

My highly hypothetical kids would be named Bodin (as one King) or Andrey (MAN, warrior, Slavicized Greek name) if it is a Oedipus, and Sonya (small wise girl from Sophia) if it is Electra. I like Catherine (clean) name, Katarina in Serbian edition, but my sister got that one.

Natasa is stupid Roman origin name, that was given to both genders (Natale is male version) when Christianity was adopted to children born around Christmas. Roman idiots. I was accidentally born around Catholic Christmas, but my parents gave it to me because my dad's first gf was Natasha and mom doesn't know that yet ! thinking it sounded better than Jefimija (from Greek Euphemia, wich means something like wise speaking, mild, uplifted) which was a starting point for negotiations of my father, a name of Serbian medieval female poet. Desperately in love, the poet. Name sounds horrible in Serbian pronunciation, he knew that and got Natasha as fake compromise. His first love. Men are pigs.
EM_Wave 9 | 310
23 Nov 2011 #3
What about Shanaynay or Shanaqua?
Olaf 6 | 955
23 Nov 2011 #4

goes well with Carmen.

Shanaynay or Shanaqua

and a challenge: La-a... pronounced, "La Dash ah"
modafinil - | 416
23 Nov 2011 #5
You require a Q for its black heritage and a Z for the Polish side.
So I suggest Qanabyz

I've always liked unique names!

Unique is a common name. There have been attempts to make it more unique by altering it to Uniqua which is uniquer.
Ironside 50 | 12440
23 Nov 2011 #6
pip 10 | 1658
23 Nov 2011 #7
Asia (Asha)
Aneta, Anita
rozumiemnic 8 | 3856
23 Nov 2011 #8
Beyonce, Shanice, Shyanne, or Jayden..:)
g60edition 6 | 174
23 Nov 2011 #9
Nice council estate names.Why not add Shannon,Kayleigh
Wroclaw 44 | 5359
23 Nov 2011 #12
Natasa is stupid Roman origin name

oh dear ! my youngest is called natasza.
noreenb 7 | 549
23 Nov 2011 #13
Daniel, Sara. Names I like.
pip 10 | 1658
23 Nov 2011 #14
oh dear ! my youngest is called natasza.

it is a nice name.
littlejagoda 1 | 26
23 Nov 2011 #15
Rofl Olaf.

But, yeah, Modafinil is absolutely right and here are another couple of clips from freakonomics

As an ethnically mixed child, your kid will have enough trouble dealing with the small minded people of the world as it is. It would be better if you gave them a better education and help him/her build an interesting and unique personality than burden them with a unique name. Uncommon is good, unique isn't. Also, please make it a name that isn't easy to make fun of :).
joepilsudski 26 | 1387
23 Nov 2011 #16
Just use an Ebonics name: Male: Jameel or Jebril...Female: Shamikwa or Tamisha
blackadder 1 | 114
24 Nov 2011 #17
Daniel, Sara. Names I like.

thank you :)
1jola 14 | 1875
25 Nov 2011 #18
Forward 20 years. While your "unique" Lemonjello(must insist on the French pronunciation), or Solidarsha( oh, how Polish and negroish) will be wondering why his/her CVs go unanswered when looking for work, the "common" Stacy or Mike will get a decent job. Life's not fair? Oh, pity.
19 Mar 2014 #19
Bambo, Makumba and last but not least ...Donald

LOL, how about Wladzia.

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