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Polish are some of the best educated in the world

Natasa 1 | 580
17 Sep 2010 #31
....sour grapes! ;)

I don't like it because it lacks solid scientific foundation ( it's boring really to explain all that), problems if origins and it's use are highly problematic.

It's use is to discriminate people on blurry criteria.

The best operational definition of Intelligence is that IQ is something psychological IQ instruments are measuring. That sounds really bad. They don't have a clue what exactly that concept covers, and so on....

If you are that interested in IQ I will send you some links.

sweet lemon ;)
mark007 - | 58
17 Sep 2010 #32
Have I missed something

Relaya said Poles had a good eduation under a communist government! What is an eduation? do you mean education? lol how ironic!!
Teffle 22 | 1,321
17 Sep 2010 #33
I have to agree, many Polish people are highly-educated. The majority of my family members have multiple college degrees, including myself.

LOL - are you serious?

Please tell me this is a joke.

OK then, Since all my family members and most of my friends have degrees and my mother has a doctrate, ergo, the Irish are the best educated in the world.

That's how it works - yes?
plk123 8 | 4,148
17 Sep 2010 #34
Do they drink more than they did during the communism?

well, the denaturat just wasn't all that. :D
Sasha 2 | 1,083
17 Sep 2010 #35
Slowly imagine the concept of censorship, denouciations, and SB aresting people who did not share the traitors' version of economics, politics, literature, and history.

Got your point but don't you think that freedom of thought doesn't guarantee a higher educational level? Even then one should keep in mind that freedom particularly intellectual is a very subjective concept. I for one can't say that people have become significantly more free since the commies. It's a tool of impact upon people's minds that is altered.

If you want I can share some of my observations on the Russian society... People here have become more rude (in my mind it's somewhat of "less intellectual"), less educated in terms of their own language and general outlook, more educated in terms of foreign languages. Can't tell anything for certain about the exact sciences.

Yes, people have more sources to sip knowledge at, but a few takes advantage of this.

Or else it's only speculations.

I believe

Ta det lugnt. :) Jag tror att det var inget mer än hennes egna åsikt som alla har rätt på.

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