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What's the best bank app for an expat?

bahamut88 2 | 2
1 Aug 2017 #1
Hello, I will soon move to Wroclaw and of course I will have to open a bank account. I was wondering if someone could help?

I'm searching for a bank that offers an English App and web access where I can manage all sort of things without having to go to the bank if not absolutely necessary.

Do you have any reccomendations? Thanks in advance.
1 Aug 2017 #2
PKOBP's app is very useful.I think the app IKO is in english by default. Also can recommend BZWBK. Use both regularly with no problems. Some things such as change of address or details you are going to have to do physically, but otherwise you can do all via web or app. PKOBP also has an option with no limits on daily transfers, useful if you are pushing large sums and want to avoid queuing just to make a transfer. mBank also not bad, they are trying a few different things trying to give you plenty of bolt on services within the app/web offering but you will have to see if they are competitive for you in terms of charges as depends on your situation.

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